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Corona Renderer for Maya - Bugs / mayaToCorona 0.45 bugs
« on: 2015-11-08, 14:45:22 »

  I feel this version is pretty close to a fully functionnal plugin!!  Congrats for the shiny new IPR : )

here are the first bugs I've encountered with mayaToCorona 0.45:

-add a file from a shader does not connect it
-corona in the material viewer is always at a bad ratio
-warning on render view: "iccp: known incorrect sRGB profile"
-maya because very slow and unresponsive after a few ipr's tweaking settings

- after graphing input output connections (cause: Corona in material viewer)

Most of the problems I had came whether from triggering the ipr a few times or the corona material viewer in the 2016 hypershade.  I had many crashes until I switched the material viewer from Corona to hardware.  I was always working in No OSL mode on all files.

[Archive] Corona Renderer for Maya / No OSL script
« on: 2015-11-07, 21:10:55 »
Just in case any of you has a large file numbers in a scene that you'd like to check the mode "No OSL" on, just run this script in a python shell.

If you would like to activate the No OSL mode on all files, just replace the 0 by a 1 in the script.

Code: [Select]
import maya.cmds as cmds

files ='file')

for i in files:
    cmds.setAttr('%s.mtco_noOSL'%i, 0)

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