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[Archive] Corona Renderer for Maya / So, what is next?
« on: 2016-03-19, 17:49:44 »
Is this the end of the story mayaToCorona?
What about the continuation of one of the best renderings for Maya?!

if i set glossiness parameter below 0.300
i start to see mesh of object
Is it ok?

just tried to connect parameters of CoronaSurface mateials
I tried to connect the diffuse color of one sphere to the same parameter to another sphere through the connection editor and the connection didn't work. (probably isn't supported?)
And try to connect two sources of light - spotLight1 and spotLight2 (color, intensity) and everything worked.

Corona Renderer for Maya - Bugs / Motion Blur crash Maya
« on: 2015-03-15, 23:06:13 »
Attribute Editor-(Object)Shape-Render Stats
uncheck - Motion Blur - and hit the render button, Maya always crash
(tested only on polygonal models)
my English is too bad :)

Corona Renderer for Maya - Bugs / Texmap Pass crash Maya
« on: 2015-03-12, 02:09:39 »
(Render Settings - CoronaPasses)
I don't know why but when i activate  -Texmap - pass and hit the render button, Maya always crash.

Two images, one light the other dark. Materials, light sources and render settings did not change.
The only thing that has been done is to apply the modifier (extract and separate) to polygons on the floor(after that changes, rendered image became darker). CoronaSurface applied to the entire scene. This is the second time with this scene.
For the first time Directional Light ceased to illuminate the object that has been modified (extract and separate).
every time when I try to create a CoronaVolume, CoronaRaytype or CoronaLight in the Hypershade
I get an error in the script editor:
 # Error: line 1: object of type 'CoronaRaytype' has no len() #

and after that in the attribute editor disappear the vertical scrollbar, and all the settings are located below the screen become invisible.

Corona Renderer for Maya - Bugs / not reflected ramp texture
« on: 2015-03-08, 18:45:52 »
When i attached to background(environment section) a ramp texture with three different colors and i tried to render a sphere with mirror material on it, so it reflect only one color. it is bug?

Could you do : ColorBalance: colorGain, colorOffset - in the FIle node. it will help to increase brightness or darknes of .exr files.

In general I really like this rendering,
You are doing a very wonderful job.
Thank you!

[Archive] Corona Renderer for Maya / caustic
« on: 2015-03-07, 21:56:27 »
Hi there!
I'm new to this render.
I can't understand what I was doing something wrong or the light source doesn't support caustics?

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