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Gallery / Remember the Time
« on: 2017-03-26, 05:38:15 »
My 3DPrinted Arcade, re-rendered on a new mood/scene, to test Corona 1.6 new features. ;) Love the new stuff !
 (The last image is my reference pic of my actual/real prototype). ;)


    1- Create Any object moving in perspective view.
    2- turn interactive On
    3- Turn MotionBlur On - It's working Right ?
    4- Press Control+C on Max2016 (It creates a PhysicalCam by default) - Motionblur disapear




    Today i've rendered some passes for a beauty and all the objects with ZERO visibility are apearing in the Corona Pass like ID (Object ID...) Is this correct ? What's the solution if i have some animated visibility happening but i don't want to generate ID pass of those objects while they have ZERO visibility...
     Is this a Bug to be reported ?

Work in Progress/Tests / Rhodotus Palmatus - Wip
« on: 2015-08-17, 17:53:57 »
   A scene i've just started other night. ;)

     Still needs a LOT of updates/upgrades. :) I am planning to finish along this month.

Gallery / Cartoon animation for Tv - Toddyinho
« on: 2015-04-14, 17:37:56 »
     Here at the Studio ( we are doing a lot of stuff using Corona. Even the Maya guys are rendering in Max, to use Corona. Everybody loved it workflow and setup time X quality was a strong selling point here. ;)
      We are working hybrid here, Maya + Max + Houdini and mixing stuff from 3 softwares. That work was rendering using Corona for the Character. It was animated in Maya, exported using Alembic to Max and rendered in Corona. :)
       I didn't worked on this one (cause i am another longer project). But it's my fault to inject Corona on our workflow. :)

       I hope you enjoy it. :)

Directors: Marcus Alqueres, Paulinho Caruso
Client: Pepsico do Brasil LTDA
Agêncy: Loducca



  Is it already supported ? There's any other way to simulate this ? I've tried using GradientRamp using Lighning as "Type". No sucess. :(

I was thinking about something...

    The entire Renderfarm at the studio is probably move towards Linux. So... No renderfarm for (me) Max user, in a near future. I will have to render all my work on our workstations and/or RebusFarm...

     BUT, someone tolds me that it's possible to submit jobs for Mentalray using Max (windows) and running Mentalray Satellite on Linux...

     Is it possible for us to have a future solution like that using Corona Stand Alone renderer ? I know it's not planned or for a near future, but is it something impossible to think/Wish ?

Gallery / Elo - New Credit Card - Corona Animation
« on: 2014-11-08, 15:06:58 »
    This was my latest work, using Corona, of course. ;) An 30s Natinal, Tv Spot for the release of the new credit card model of this company called  ELO (in Brazil).

     It was rendered on rebusfarm, using Corona 7.1.

     The little challenge here was to make the "Hologram shader" to the card. And just using the same logic of doing "CD shader" on other renders, it worked well on Corona too. ;)
       This still frame is not from the animation, just part of the shading process. :)


I Remember that Corona A4 can't render Particles. That was bad at that time. I need to make a Mesher to have my Particles rendered.

     Now corona render Particles as any other render engine, but now, i see the option to not render Particles as a feature. Many times i am just using particles to drive something else, to simulate a liquid, to make a mesher with Frost, and i would like to have the option to NOT render the particles inside a Frost mesher, for instance.
     So i was wondering if it could be usefull to have a check box (Enabled by defaul), like (x) Particle Rendering

     It could be usefull in some cases (IMO).



 1- Create a Plane and put a texture or Corona LightMap Shader, Make sure the LIGHT EMIT is ON (Checked).
 2- Put it's visibility on 0 (Zero), on Mesh Properties or Visibility Track.
 3- Render. Corona will render a "Ghost of the texture" even if it's Mesh is invisible (Visibility 0)...




   I would like to have a Way to Save the Interactive Render (Frame), or just grab it to the VFB and then i can save it. :) It could be useful. (For me it will be useful)


   Another Try with Corona SSS . :) I love it !



   I know that i am probably doing things on the "wrong way", i am using the new build with SSS for the last 30 minutes, and i can´t figure out the best way to use it... So, to add reflection i am using Blend/mix, but don´t know if it´s "correct".
    There´s no Spec Mapping for areas like lips (Looks bloddy dry), but i am happy ! :) "Red ear effect " is a trademark of SSS renders on characters (first acomplishment, lol).
   I dreamed with this day.
     But i guess Ondra has more to implement on the CoronaVolumeMtl/SSS shader... It seams so simple compared to Vray and Mray... But it´s already very effective. :) I will now try to figure out how to map SSS effect, or to simulate SSS layers...

     I am very happy with this addition to Corona ! Now, lets unleash the characters, juices, clouds ! :)


Gallery / Intro Animation for Brazillian Tv
« on: 2014-05-07, 17:21:04 »

    BeeldStudio (An animation studio at Rio de Janeiro) Finshed this new Intro Animation for GloboTv. The intro was rendered only on Corona Rendered. It was a short deadline for shading and lighting the scene, and Corona was perfect for the Job. The Render cames out so fast that they didn´t need a RenderFarm. (About 5 to 15 minutes/frame)

    The Dof was made on Post using Corona ZBuffer pass. It was a bit dangerous to render on-camera dof on a short deadline.

Work in Progress/Tests / Hyunday HB20 - Wip for Animation
« on: 2014-02-27, 16:37:31 »
     I am willing to update this animation with a better and final one...

    Now i am using Daily Build and soon, i hope, will be using A6 new features when its available. So, i am porting the scene light and shading setup to Daily Build. Changed the way i was lighting the scene (From light + tranlucent object on the ceilling to a CoronaLightMtl applied on a huge plane.
    The results are very different, and i am getting used to it. I miss a light spread effect on the ceilling from the previous method, but it seems that Corona is cleaning up the scene faster this way...
     Here some first Wip shots. I need to fix some parts of Cezar Zambelli's model, but everything but the ambient is a workin progress yet...
      Machine I7 2700k 32Gb RAM.
      Render Time. About 20 Minutes to get Pretty decent result and 30-40m to have a better clean-up and dof Clean-up...
      There's 2 Color treatments, and a Wider shot. This one with wrong focal point and MUCH less render time... (Like 10 minutes only).

   Update. Night Render.

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