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Hi there,

it would be groundbreaking feature to develop feature that allows to swap texture after image was rendered. There is Colimo (Motiva) software but somehow abandoned. I saw few requests years ago but nothing happened in that area.
Imagine that CG artist is able to swap textures and make tens or hundreds variations in no-time just to show his customer many options for him to choose from between. Or better yet - a packshot of a single furniture with hundreds of combinations (body, legs, cushions, etc.). Something tells me that its achievable just with render elements.


[Max] Feature Requests / Polygonal region
« on: 2021-04-22, 13:22:35 »
Hello there,

is it possilbe to implement something like "polygonal region" in CFB? Some scenarios would save some rendering times and for sure prevent from clunky region box stacking (see example).


Gallery / Workplace with no particular title
« on: 2020-11-25, 09:13:36 »
Hello there all,
this is my personal project led by need for making something nice. The main objective was to create cosy workplace with design icons like Finn Juhl, Menu, String, Gubi, etc.
Hope You'll enjoy.

Hi there,

Once I switched to a brand new release of corona I encountered strange behavior. When I deploy a job via backburner on external computer and wants to see how is it rendering the 3DS max (2017 - I know, old and rusty) default buffer appears to be black (on this remot computer of course). However it does finish the job as expected saving the image correctly once the rendering is done but still the black frame buffer on slave computer is pretty annoying. It happens to every scene I create and tried different settings. I'm out of ideas :) Any suggestions?


[Max] Feature Requests / Custom frame buffer bitmap?
« on: 2020-06-16, 09:46:32 »
Hi there,

sometimes it comes to render an element of the scene separately (via "viewport selection" or by Gbuffer ID) and combine it with pre-rendered image. The  problem is that when doing such thing renderer samples the boarders of particular scene object on a black CFB background which gives an annoing black fringe around it. In some cases "defringe" option in Photoshop doesnt work properly (glossy or refractive surfaces, not mentioning hair, grass or any object with high frequency of it's detail). Is it possible anyhow to swap black CFB background to a custom bitmap so it could sample fringes with it?


[Max] I need help! / Corona error Messages restore
« on: 2019-10-26, 20:51:24 »

I accidentialy pressed "Ignore Similar errors/messages". Is there a way to restore Corona Error Messages setting anyway?


[Max] Bug Reporting / Caustic yet again
« on: 2018-12-03, 13:01:53 »
Hi, I know it's been reported as a limitation long time ago but nevertheless I'm curious is there any progress about that. I'm not talking about caustic effect itself but a strange behavior of light transport algorithm. Reflective surface with non-zero reflection glossiness doesnt project refraction from objects unless I tick "Caustic" fot those refractive shaders. Im having a project with a lot of glass bricks so turning on caustic for all of these bricks will kill my computers. A graphic explanation in the attached images.

[Max] Feature Requests / Panoramic frame buffer
« on: 2018-06-19, 18:58:54 »

is it possible to implement IR/Rendering instant preview for panoramic camera? It's sometimes annoying that I have to render preview, export it, upload it to some service or even through some java script to realise that actually I have to move camera a bit left for example. Live panoramic feedback would be just cool.

All best, Chris.

Hi there,

does anybody knows if it's possible to merge two or more cxr's like these were layers? I mean that I've got one general image (as CXR) and second image is for example a region (suppose I had to change something in the scene). Can I combine these two in one CXR? I know that each image may have different metadata (like different LUT's or tonemapping) but If I'll keep the same default settings for both images (general and region) I wish to have some tool to merge these two together. "Merge" option in CIE is designed for completely different purpose so I'm stuck.


[Max] Bug Reporting / UHD splotches - hdri+CoronaSun
« on: 2017-10-04, 11:17:20 »
Hi there,

there is some problem with UHD cache. In scenario with HDRI + CoronaSun it generates splotches. Have a look at attached images.

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