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[Max] Resolved Bugs / Older scenes crash with newest build
« on: 2014-03-02, 16:10:27 »
created and rendered some scenes with  build  feb.13 2014
updated today to the newest build mar.02 2014 and all scenes are crashing while building acc. structure at rendering

is there anything changed that significantly that it needs to be corrected in the scene before render...

thx in advance

Work in Progress/Tests / wips and questions
« on: 2014-02-17, 21:08:33 »
testing some kind of  country-style fabrics utilizing displacement, dof etc...
if i understand correctly, world units would tessellate the objects closer to the camera more dense than those further away.
in a case like the attached i would say this doesn't make much sense, cause the most dense displaced object is blurred being out of focus range and therefore doesn't need to be high res.
using screen size instead would let me run out of memory pretty fast using displacement on several objects, all with the same resolution tessellated at render time.
only solution would be to have the tessellation controlled on a per-object-basis and not globally in render settings.
or am i missing something completely?
I've read almost every post in the forums except bugs and requested features, so i might miss something.
has this been discussed before? search-function didn't help in this case.

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