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Hi guys

I just created a test scene for trying some features in A7.1 (thanks to Ondra for new fix, spherical and cilindrical exposure now works fine)


Shadow catcher (I would like to know if its possible to create a mixed material in order to add some displacement in floor ground,) I mean : shadows catcher+displacement ground will be awesome, probably some rocks come to life
HDRI map
enable depth of field (DOF)
motion blur (cars)
spherical proyection camera override

critics are wellcome

ps, hdr map is kinda weird, horizon is not aligned with pov, and my camera is not rotated :P
you can download the file and open it in QT.

Hi guys

I'm trying new A7, but found when changing camera mod to SPHERICAL OR CILINDRICAL exposure values doesnt work, everything seems too dark or brighter. Whoever If uncheck this option everything is fine, ISO, SHUTTER SPEED and so on are working correctly.

Overriding camera values from main settings neither work

any ideas?

Work in Progress/Tests / RESTAURANT PROJECT WIP
« on: 2014-05-28, 18:46:56 »
Hi guys

those are some test from a grill and bar restaurant we're designing.

critics are wellcome, raw images, all default values

1.30 hr each
i7 3930k
16gb ram

ps. I have problems with light coming from counter, lower intensity (0.045) produces a flat grey plan, so I decided to use .05 and even that it burns the scene


Hi guys

First of all, I want to thank the corona developers for such impressive rendering engine, really nice results in a few clicks!

I'm an intermediate Vray user, but in this two days I gave myself the opportunity to try Corona, and get easily involved, after looking the galleries with user's works, I guess it's time to move on...

I share with you my first test image for a WIP scene, very basic, but I would like to improve with your opinion ans suggestions, as well to ask some questions:

Corona was set to default values, except for

-LUT Gamma, enabled to 2.2
-Exposure: 9
-Highlight compression:30
-PT samples: 1024 (I read somewhere it can improve image quality)


1. I just import some vray objects and convert materials with DeadClown's Advanced Corona Material Converter (,126.0.html) but I noticed items must be un-grouped previous to convert them, is a bug?
once converted materials lost specular levels or difusse maps are not correctly shown. please look at the plants


2. Is there a way to hide the "solid volume" from corona lights? I mean, is kinda annoying to add some lights on windows and then get a solid volume which doesnt allow me to see thru the scene. Something like "wired" or non-solid light?

3. It makes me wonder: Is it really needd to add some lights on windows or spherical lights for interior scenes? at the end I just used a HDRI map as only light source.


4. I love the option for correcting white colors with color maping post process in real time, but some times, depending on lights sources I have to change those values each time I need to get a new image, also, by doing this way, I will not remember the settings for each camera :(.

Plase add something like vrayphysical camera, in order to control DOF, Exposure, Highlights, contrast WB and so on. Please add the option for controlling those values on camera while rendering too, its a cool option!


5. I set the same rendering time from my vray scene in order to compare image quality. As you can notice, Corona image seems to be more "blurred" at background.
There is away to improve or change Antialiasing? how can I clear noise?

6. I use the VFB + plugin (, wich adds the option to load image files to compare with a slider , and also a filmstrip where you can see and "rescue" a previous rendered image. I similar option for Corona will be really nice.



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