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The 2nd issue is fixed in RC5. Please can you install it and let me know if you still have issues?





The 2nd issue we know about and already have a fix in the pipeline, if everything goes well it will be in RC5.

The other issues are a bit more tricky to solve, would you be able to send through some simple examples for each and we will see what can be done.



Hello Rowen

Thank for reply , and good news on the horizon

For the other topics .. here is a small example ... in the material editor you can find problems with 2sided materials and also the strange preview.

many thanks

Hi guys

we are struggling in several cases ( RC4 )

1st  - more than half of the materials are converted incorrectly .. our old library/models ( Evermotion 85 - palm trees (vray)  for instance ) for most of the leafs its converted as metal material.. this is no problem to change .. just letting you know its happening - basically in every convert - when using old converter - pre 7 it as nearly errorless
      - also is most of the time incorrectly convert the 2 sided Vray materials - way to dark and glossy 
      - and preview of conversion into Physical.Mtl does some strange transparency ...

2nd much more crucial - on most of the models ( Vray 5 installed ) this error appears.. so I have to manually re-make affected materials ( basically all below the first affected )

I can send you a sample scene, if helpfull

many thanks


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