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Because of this I haven't changed my subscription yet, and still wondering what to choose. But it sure would be nice to know how to do it correct without loosing my nodes.
I can find thr ticket ID sometime later if you still need it.

Yes  I did. And I referred to the advices from forum.

@Tom - Unfortunately Chaos support just gives you a link to do it yourself. So that advise doesn't seem to be right, or maybe Chaos support need to be informed better?

This is absolutely Chaos!

Are you trolling me?

ALL other usecases!

I don't think your example is used as often as ALL other usecases together. And your result could be done in other ways (f.x. by baking the displacement into the mesh), whereas the suggested behavior can't.

ALL materials that I would use with triplanar.

For example ground materials as dirt with small stones on curved terrains where planar or box-mapping will give unwanted results.
Or when importing lots of objects without propper mapping, where triplanar gives a useable result in a short time.
Or with organic shaped objects without proper UVW.

I can't honestly imagine one single case where the current behavior is wanted. To me this is a pure theoretical solution.

Maru@ - I don't think anybody are trolling you. It just doesn't make sense to ask the obvious. Read the comment again, and you'll get the answer. Personally I need this every time I use triplannar with a material that uses displacement. I've NEVER needed the current behavior.


[Max] I need help! / Re: Black environment
« on: 2022-10-31, 16:44:29 »
Hi. This reminds me of a case I had, where the corona color map rendered black when set to pure white (256, 256, 256). The problem was solved by setting the color to 255, 255, 255.

Hope it helps

Hmm.. still can't get the toolbar icon to "remove" (shift + click), so I'm just using hotkeys.

Edit: With v 0.4 everything works as expected. Thank You :)

Tanks for bringing this up again,  and + 1000 for your suggestion.

Thank you.
I use hotkeys instead. It works very well, and simplifies the use of edgetrim enormous.

Great script :)

Thank you :)

I'm running the script without hotkeys, and it adds Edge Trimming map(s) without problems. But I can't get it to remove them again.

Is this possible without hotkeys?

Corona 9
Max 2020

It's insane. Reminds me of AD!

It's sad to be forced to pay an extreme extra amount without any warning (30 days is worthless compared to the pricehike).

I can't remember any other situation where I have felt so screwed over as now - and that's comming from the Corona team - who had a reputation of beeing userfriendly and fair.

It's not only Chaos who's having a hard time now - it's also their users.

I don't like this at all, and find it totally unacceptable.

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