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Studio personal project during free time between projects we decided to try & simulate a studio environment for a few shots of the Land Rover Defender. 

Softwares used 3ds Max & Corona Renderer, No photoshop.

Feedback & suggestions would be appreciated

Hi sorry for not making the Legal use fully clear earlier.

Yes it is a CC0.

No credit needed unless someone feels they want to do so out of the goodness of their heart(s)

Honest feedback would be appreciated if someone uses them so that it helps us further down the line when we are designing and making other goodies for the CG community to use.

The studio recently during the downtime between projects decided to model some assets of IKEA, a few assets of candle holders and candles.

These have been fully designed and textured in house by our staff and are ready to be used in any and all interior/architecture settings that any user might want to use them in.

They can also be used for product mood shot renderings etc.

The assets are "free to use" for commercial projects as well.

File formats are max mtl and obj.

Preview files are below, data is available in the drop box link below

Gallery / Re: Automotive Design : Aston Martin Vanquish
« on: 2020-08-18, 12:26:34 »
Thank you for your inputs, this was our first ever attempt at trying automotive renders, we will keep your feedback in mind.

Since it was an Aston Martin a British manufacturer we decided to try & showcase it in welsh/english country side, this was the closest look we could find keeping in mind our location requirements.

Gallery / Automotive Design : Aston Martin Vanquish
« on: 2020-08-01, 21:10:35 »
Studio personal project, thanks to covid-19 we have had loads of time for other stuff.

Aston Martin Vanquish, texturing and rendering done using 3dsmax and corona renderer, post production via Affinity photo.

All the renders on Behance, link below.

Gallery / FMCG Samples
« on: 2020-07-20, 20:47:43 »
Some of the samples done by us recently to test product rendering & subsequent quality.

All renders done using 3dsmax and corona renderer.
Tweaking using Affinity Photo.

Gallery / Apartment Interior Re Rendering
« on: 2020-07-08, 12:33:32 »
Apartment in Novopeschanaya Moscow Russia project executed by Aiya Design in the year 2018.

Studio personal project re-rendering to test the lighting and other elements, certain elements changed as per own taste and preferences of our design team but the layout is the same as per original execution.

Project Link on Archdaily.

Full high resolution renders on Behance, Project Link.

Hope everyone stays safe from Corona.

Gallery / Television Product Visualisation
« on: 2020-06-05, 20:55:15 »
TV Visualisation test renders.
Full Gallery on Behance


Gallery / Re: Luxury Bathroom CGI
« on: 2020-01-22, 09:35:28 »
Hi very possible, we have someone who is very inspired by Pinterest, design magazines and all elements matt black.

Gallery / Re: Luxury Bathroom CGI
« on: 2020-01-22, 09:15:14 »
Hi we used this link for the reference image and design, it is quite possible that you might have used the same for your project. We have also added the picture, cheers.


Gallery / Luxury Bathroom CGI
« on: 2020-01-21, 20:07:24 »
Our First post here in the Corona Forum.

Luxury Bathroom and bath ware CGI.

3ds Max, Corona for design and rendering and Affinity Photo for slight tweaking at the end.

Hope you like it. Rest of the renders are on Behance project link added.

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