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[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: vray 5 sp2 like decals feature
« on: 2021-11-17, 17:47:22 »
great news! also clipper, cloud  and cosmos:)

any news for Corona supporton chaos cloud yet?

[C4D] Feature Requests / vray 5 sp2 like decals feature
« on: 2021-11-11, 11:22:45 »
in latest vray sp2max there is an excellent new feature via the decal object.

it works via more than one object,and has a very nice workflow.
i hope this feature will come to corona(c4d) too!

( i know c4d mat stacking allows decals, but in a much less convinient workflow)


[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: NaN Problem - latest Build
« on: 2021-11-10, 22:08:37 »
i also just did get the NAN warninginlast v8 daily(with setting sun in reflection/refraction to invisible)

thats really great news, thanks a lot for your work!
the only reason i not yet looked at blender in detail is the lack of Corona:)


the save on render end i also thought of, but i found no wayto set the file format.

if it saves a cxr anyway that is very good ndews.i try that asap!

thanksfor this infos:)

Hi All,

is there a way to set corona to save a .cxr file at render end, automatically in the c4d version (as inmax)
the c4d output settings do not have the cxr file as choice,
the vfbis a manual save which deoesnt work if i send a job to a renderfarm.

any idea howto force a cxr output so i also get it from a renderfarm like rebus?

i know an exr is almost similar, but i hope tohave an option toget a cxr


Dear All,

we have an internal farm so normally inot use renderfarms,but due to many renders i might need an external farm.

i used rebus in past, had some issues (wrong render results) , do you have recommendations other than rebus, in special for fast still renderings?
and maybe also better in price etc?

or has someone expereince setting up an EC2 instance to render on it (c4d+cor)



i wanted to ask if there is a theoretical chance that Corona will get an export to Chaos Vantage sometime in future?

it seems the material system in v7 and also rest of corona is techically,and settings wise very close in many parts to V-ray 5, and probably could be translated into a .vrscene (compatible) file, which vantage uses and can read.

is this plausible or am i wrong?
are others have the same wish?
even if the look is different for us at least it wouldbe great to have this option for realtime rendering in future.
(of course c4d shaders needed to be baked or translated i assume, bitmap textures shoudl be easy to stranlate to vrscene)


guys, can someone point me out to the offficial corona "uploader link"?

i had it once , but cant find it anymore, i think it was in description of one of the staff members if i rember right?
i would like to contribute to this mb thing with an example  file:)


okthe last scene i could not upload due NDAs, but here i have a new one that makes funnythings yet with MB.

in IPR all is ok,in final rendering one car moves and truns upside down:)
i try reduce the scene and send it to you.

it woudl be soo great to finallybe able to use mb in corona (with render instances in the scene which any archviz projects use of course)


[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Cloud/dust explosions
« on: 2021-09-07, 21:41:22 »
for the particles:

i render them relativ often, forrain or snow etc, it seems to work without any conversion (they render as renderinstances)
not sure on 3rdparty likexparticlesbut the internalnormal ones render with corona.

this is not super particle optimized of course,as it is plain render instance sonly, so limited in the number


p.s.: as soon i deactivate the color effector it works asintented (ir moves cam interactive without re parsing), so seems an issue with the c4d mograph color effector!

EDIT:hm ok now i have it again, also with color effector off, so seems another issue:-/


i have a scene with a mograph cloner (which  is using a shader effectorand random effector) as grass.

when i start IR, with every cam move IR starts to re parse the scene from zero in v7,which makes it not interactive at all. this was ok inn v6.

i tried also the multiinstances,but it is same(render or multiinstances)

is this a known v7 issue yet?
any ideas?


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