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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Aerial Perspective Playground !
« on: 2021-08-30, 15:39:05 »
For me, the volume effect broke again. Not sure if it's the new daily build or something else.
It's a clean scene with just sun and sky and besides the purple tint, there is no volume effect whatsoever.

Not sure if you are just trolling at this moment or what. Take any Evermotion model and I mean any and it's a complete mess.

I don't think I've actually seen anything more broken in a corona release than this converter. Converting from V-ray is a complete spageti mess. Metal non-metal materials get completely messed up. Again Front and back and mix maps all over the place. Converting from legacy materials to new materials is also absolutely broken.
I tried to start a simple library update after the third asset I gave up. You have to spend a good 5 minutes on each model to fix the materials after the converter has "done" its thing.

Can we get some info on the Decals?
How will they work or is it too early to tell?

Sorry If I sound aggressive but at this point, so much stuff just doesn't work It's hard to keep track. I am fortunate to be able to use the daily builds and not be in a company or a team but I can't imagine anyone will use the new release anytime soon if you don't take at least half a year more to work on things. It's fun and games to test out things but for some people, this is a livelihood. Also any comment on the material library, I think you can reproduce that quite easily.

Also are you in the talks with major texture providers such as Quixel, Poliigon. They both have plugins for importing textures and both don't work at the moment. Getting materials as pure glass or with 99 bump and so on.

Open Archmodels vol. 251 on the Evermotion website download the free sample and be amazed how the scene works just fine and when you convert it, all goes to hell.
Also, I am not sure why I am even bothering writing about how you are gonna release V7 with a material library only half-converted and when using the converter on the other half the materials are broken with spaghetti mixes and look nothing like they should.

P.S. Also coronadistance refuses to get into any map slot if the converter was used on the material. Only solution is to create a new material with it.

Once again June has passed and I don't feel we are even remotely close to the V7 release. The converter is making even the simple conversion from the Legacy material a complete mess. Mixes on top of mixes on top of mixes. If you think people will go through their entire libraries and will have to set up everything manually you got it absolutely wrong.
Stop checking stupid marks from your Trello map that are once again NOT FINISHED [ pink areal perspective] and actually fix this release hopefully before the end of the year.

P.S. Invisible material after conversion too.

I really don't understand what is happening. Why are you releasing things in the daily build that are nowhere near ready to even be tested. As someone already mentioned Volume effect in the sky does nothing but introduce green haze. Also, the interactive render is once again SLOWER. Are you just focused on checking boxes at this point? How you plan to release V7 by the end of the month I have no idea.

That's true everything is easy on words but as someone said we have really no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

The point that I tried to make that I also believe in is that the merger with Chaos was supposed to help in that department. Again this is my opinion and right now V-ray benefited a lot more in my opinion by having access to the coronas single-handedly best feature: the light mixer.
So talks about how the team was understaffed and was not prepared to deal with the new bigger and more complex version fail short in my mind since already a move was made to in theory prevent that.

Me personally what I will take out of this fiasco is to not look at the road map anymore and just test out the daily builds as they come. Coming from my gaming experience everyone loves patch notes.

Now let me tell you in just a few words because I don't need a wall of text to make my point. Corona 1 was simpler so a smaller team is ok. Corona 7 is complex, again I understand that but after the merger with Chaos people expected the team to grow and be able to deal with the complex stuff. Making the argument that just because something is more complex you can't deal with it is this time not OK.
Nothing against the team of developers or anybody but as I said the example with the house was not the best one.

As everyone in here, I do have the best of intentions towards corona as a product and I feel it's ok for everyone to share be it negative or positive points of view.
It's up to the corona team at the end of the day to make a final decision. Let's not forget the most requested feature on the forums is hybrid rendering but the team is against that. Who knows maybe after a few more years that will change or again it will not it's not for us to decide. As users all we can give is feedback but it's up to the team to see if they can make that feedback work or not.
And if people really don't like the team's decisions some will move away. That's just how things are.

That comment above about the house and the city is so flawed.
If you gonna start building a city you better hire a construction company, not rely on the same three people that did your house...
Because news flash those three people will do a terrible job and it will involve a lot of problems and a lot of setbacks, also they will promise you deadlines they can not keep. Sound familiar?

Has anyone found out what the new "haze" in the sky model is or how it works?

I think you really make it hard for yourself with that road map in my opinion corona team. Living up to the hype of everything that is on there is great but when you fail short of what is promised it brings much disappointment and frustration. I think seeing something that was really anticipated on the road map being pushed back really put everyone into a frenzy mode. You might want to think about making it private, someone even updated the new sky model aerial perspective as done and it was not. Making a few highlights every couple of months to show us what's being worked on might be the better option.
And another thought as to why many people seem to be upset. A lot of the "new" features we are getting are already in v-ray and people didn't expect it will take such a long time to implement them in corona.
For me the new PBR material is great but the material converter is a total mess right now and the material library needs updating too.
Me personally I am starting to think it will take up to what three years to get stuff that is already into v-ray into corona and the latter just got cosmos so that seems like a really long shot to even think about.
That's why I am also thinking about trying out V-ray again.
Hopefully you prove us all wrong and manage to surprise us all.

[Max] Daily Builds / Problem with Reflection override
« on: 2021-05-03, 23:07:07 »
 I am having this strange behavior when using the Reflection override with the newest daily build.

When I don't use an override I get a normal-looking material but as soon as I turn it on I get these little specs all over. I thought it was the material at first but it was not.
Tried it with a plain material same thing. I am using an HDRi plugged into a corona color correct but the values of both maps are exactly the same.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Material Projection
« on: 2021-01-03, 23:54:03 »
Hello everyone,
While I know the new version of Corona will bring some amazing improvements I can't help but wonder is there any idea of making something similar to FStorms MatProjection?
I think it's an absolutely amazing feature that will be a time-saver for a lot of people. Would love to hear more on this topic and if it's possible to have it in Corona.

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