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General CG Discussion / Re: UNreal 5
« on: 2021-07-02, 20:31:02 »
I don't know. I really don't want to learn a new software at this point. I'd love to stick with corona. But looking at the work that you can find online right now... you have 3d walkthroughs that look 90% as good as a full render. You can even let the viewer handle cloth colors etc...  I see this being massive for clients and for making material decisions. Honestly this is more Autodesk's fault than Corona's, but I'm doing my first project in unreal right now. No issues so far, the thing is more stable than max even in early release.  It's easier to drag and drop items and objects.

On the other hand c4d has added some great scene dressing tools and an up to date manager.  This is huge, so perhaps there's hope there for Archviz rendering. Even 2021 and with connecter, drag and drop is still rarely pain free in 3ds. Managing libraries of objects is also far from pain free. That unreal does this better than max w megascan is a massive advantage. 

Gallery / RE render
« on: 2021-06-15, 03:33:47 »
House I'm building. Figuring out the materials via the render. Not sure if I like the wood contrast.

Gallery / Old Client Work Retouched
« on: 2021-06-15, 03:26:20 »
Comments welcome

[Max] I need help! / Re: Render Selected Object
« on: 2021-06-14, 00:09:39 »

General CG Discussion / Re: UNreal 5
« on: 2021-06-09, 02:50:35 »
I'm hoping for drawbacks at this point.

Foliage is one, certainly, but it will be fixed soon.
UV Mapping is the other - but there are plugins and archviz only requires basic UV capabilities. (Though most projects will have some finicky UVs here and there.)
Material Creation is arguably better overall in unreal though it does mix some key features.
Importing is not perfect, but neither is it in max.
Libraries and asset management is better in unreal thanks to megascans but not quite focused on archviz yet.

As for "choreographed" scenes, all the user videos I can find seem to unambiguously show a smooth interface and viewport performance.
Lumen may be 90% of the way there, but if I can play with materials in real -time and forgo the usual issues w 3ds then the final result might be better in the end, even for stills. 
I understand the sentiment though. I've always laughed when co-workers showed me Lumion renders, telling me how fast it all was, not understanding what they had in hand was garbage.
This seems different.

General CG Discussion / UNreal 5
« on: 2021-06-04, 16:39:31 »

I love Corona, but I hate 3ds max.
What are people's thoughts on Unreal 5 for Archviz vs Corona, bearing in mind that initial models come from Revit or Rhino?
If the import works without issue and the UV's work without issue, in my mind, this is becoming a bit of 3ds max / Render Plugin (no offense Corona I love you) killer. 
I'm wondering where the pipeline catch is?

I know unreal is not in the roadmap for Corona, but honestly, at this point, sticking to Autodesk products (yes I know you're there cinebench)  might be an issue. Autodesk has decided not to significantly update it's software for the past decade whereas unreal is being somewhat revolutionary.

I don't get it, do layered materials not stack? I guess I never noticed because they were always opaque? How can I stack them then using vertex paint?

[Max] I need help! / HDRI
« on: 2021-05-26, 04:07:24 »
Just a quick question. How much more time does every HDRI map add to the render? I know it will vary, but ballpark? Am I doubling render time by rendering w 2 maps instead of one?

Vertex Paint Creates hole w corona layered material.
Instead of layering materials, whatever I paint with vertex paint create a hole in the material.

PLS let me drag files screenshots into this message it would make things 100times easier.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: 3ds max vs C4D
« on: 2021-05-10, 17:49:31 »
That's what I'm doing.

Unfortunately it will take a while to get all the resources for C4d. The logic of the interface in c4d is a breadth of fresh air. It's a little thing, but right off the bat, I love not having to select my object then go to my modifier stack.  The absence of individual "per-object" sub-object levels is also no-brainer.

UV mapping is usually a headache in max as well. Architecture UV's aren't usually thought of as complex but they often are because the tools to deal with them aren't really there.  When I have complex surfaces, I rarely want to peel, pelt or relax or even flatten them, but spline map them.

BTW I don't know if anyone knows of a plugin to spline map. The 3ds spline mapping is hit and miss.

I will give c4d a try, slowly. Next up is to test its revit import.

[C4D] General Discussion / 3ds max vs C4D
« on: 2021-05-09, 20:35:37 »
I've been using max for almost a decade for archviz.

I'm tired of its lack of progress and it's instability and thinking about switching to c4d for archviz
What are people's experience doing so?

Looks like most capabilities are there. 3ds max looks better on paper but it just never works as advertised.

My main concerns would be uv mapping - spline mapping and rws mapping are concerns. Ideally I just want to drag and drop my megascsn, substance and have the materials be the right scale. The poor substance integration in max is an issue. Looks better in c4d.

The manager in c4d looks a lot bttter as well. The unfortunate thing is that most of my objects are in max format and as far as I know these can't be converted. This is a huge issue and I'm wondering if there's a workaround.

Scattering and painting all looks doable.

I wonder how importing from revit or rhino works? Rhino importing is extremely finicky in max despite the many options available.

In the end. On paper max still looks like th smarter choice. Using it feels different though: it gets bloated and files eventually get unstable despite cleaning. Also plugins constantly need to be updated and material integrations are buggy. It takes twice as much time to troubleshooting or as to actually do the work.

My instinct is that c4d would just work without all the scattered logic buggy mess. I'm wondering if that instinct is correct.

[Max] General Discussion / IR CPU
« on: 2019-07-12, 17:04:57 »
Hello there,

I work in Archviz. The feature I care most about in Corona is IR.  I have a decent farm for final renders but I find myself using IR all the time to test scenes.
I am looking to upgrade the hardware for IR.
What are the software and hardware limitations of IR?
Does it have a core limit? I am looking at threadrippers, but I've heard that there is a core limit? Does it pull from the GPU more than renders? Etc... Any chance of using IR with several nodes/computers in the future?

[Max] I need help! / Corona Conversion requires VRAy?
« on: 2018-11-30, 21:35:09 »
Does Corona Conversion requires vray or vray demo installed?
I am bringing in vray objects and would like to convert them.

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