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Eh, I've thought for years Corona Renderer uses DirectX?

Pretty sure you can disable reflections by setting IOR = 0 with 0.0 gloss / 1.0 rough

I suspect I can be wrong about Corona's native format of the normals, but I would be glad to hear confirmation from the development team to close this question.

As for the specular parameter, yes, I understand that I can turn off reflections using 0 ior, I don't even need to touch the roughness parameter, but before I could do it using specular mode and now the behavior of this parameter when entering numeric values ​​has definitely changed in the latest daily build

Today I discovered 2 strange moments:

    1. As far as I know Corona uses OpenGL format of normal maps, considering this, I exported normal maps from Substance Painter in DirectX format and inverted the green Y channel, but in the last daily build I found that now the surface looks correct if I leave the green channel without inversion and it looks wrong if I invert it. Am I missing a nuance or is this a bug?

    2. In the last daily build, the Specular parameter does not work correctly, if you set the value to 0.5, then the appearance of the shaderball does not coincide with that when using IOR 1.5, in addition to this, now using the specular parameter it is impossible to completely disable reflections by setting Specular to 0, all values ​​are less than 0.5 look the same. But at the same time, if I add a black color map, then the reflections are turned off as before, I checked on version 7 stable and there it clearly behaves differently.

Gallery / Re: Gaea's Bosom
« on: 2021-09-05, 04:15:48 »
You should enter this in to a real photograph competition and see how it gets would be bold...but is good.

lol, this sounds like something worth trying :D

Gallery / Re: Gaea's Bosom
« on: 2021-09-01, 21:09:24 »
very nice! the jet of water with the foam that forms below is in post?
Thanks, no, its all from PhoenixFD, i just added some extra mist on the sides in post

Gallery / Re: Gaea's Bosom
« on: 2021-08-31, 23:00:53 »
Super nice, maybe I would tone down post-processing a bit.

thanks, I was thinking about the concept when someone get a nice vacation photo and decided to edit it "properly" in PS before posting on instagram, so pulling everything out of it, including oversaturated colors and fake hdr :D

Gallery / Gaea's Bosom
« on: 2021-08-31, 02:55:40 »
Gaea's Bosom artwork.

Non-commercial project done in spare time. 
PhoenixFD for the waterfall and ofcourse our beloved Corona Renderer :D

Hope you like it!

[Max] General Discussion / Re: How to handle backplates?
« on: 2021-08-18, 17:46:17 »
I also wondered for a long time why such  engine as Сorona Renderer, which, frankly, is strongly focused on architectural visualization, still does not have a separate feature for correctly displaying backplates with variable bells and whistles.
I suggest to rename this topic to CoronaBackplateMtl and move it to the "feature request" section:D

I was looking through the built-in library of materials today and I had a question, earlier, before the introduction of the physical shader, we had the opportunity to enable volumetric absorption with scattering after the light passes through the translucent outer shell, this is the pattern for the "Marble White SSS" material.
How to set up such materials now (grape shader, for example), because to enable translucency, we need to check the "thin shell" checkbox, which will automatically disable the ability to adjust volumetric absorption, and so on.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Small typo in corona sky model hint
« on: 2021-07-22, 01:42:40 »
It seems to be the first report for the 7 release :D

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-06-15, 10:27:21 »
In anticipation of the next version I removed PBR material (coming in v7) and tone mapping improvements (coming early in v8 daily builds). Also added some new stuff and reset the votes. Go ahead and vote for the next release cycle
Can't see extended particle workflow support such as instancing like in vray, motion blur for the changing topo and so on) MB for me is essential, even if i render stills mostly. Approximately how difficult is it to implement?

It already shouldn't, but if the normals are wrong (that is, needs Gamma adjustment checked in the Corona Normal and it isn't checked), or if the base layer bump is particularly super strong, it can show up in the clear coat. This is already being looked into :)

can you reproduce my case with too little normal bump intensity, at which it appears on the clearcoat layer? or was it only noticed if the intensity was too high?


After some more digging, I noticed this - if I checked the "Add gamma to input" in the Corona Normal for the Clearcoat Bump, the Base Bump no longer showed through (changing it in the Base layer Corona Normal did not make a difference). So looks like if the normals are wrong in the Clearcoat bump, it will let the Base bump have an effect.

This would explain why it happens sometimes but not other times, as it would depend on whether the Clearcoat bump has wrong normals (I did get the Corona warning about a Normal map being potentially incorrect).

Can you check and see if this is the same for you please? May also want to check the same for your Base layer, as it might depend on which Normal map is incorrect. Thanks!
I think i got it, it is not a gamma related issue, i usually load my maps with override 1.0 gamma using DropToSlate plug-in, what I discovered right now is that when i use low intense, low "contrast" normal maps - then it gives incorrect results, transfering the bump details to the coat layer, you can check this in the video i've attached
in other words, some normal maps give incorrect results because their intensity is too low
PS I put video to .rar because it is too big for attachment


Not happening for me here - Corona Bitmap to Corona Normal to Base Bump, the Clear Coat is unaffected (unlike with the daily build before this one, be sure to be using the one from yesterday). Can you share images, grabs of the material set up, etc. ?

EDIT - or do you mean if you add a second normal, to the Clear Coat bump, only then does the Base Bump show through?

EDIT 2 - I tested the second case and I see what you mean, if there is a normal map in both Base and Clear Coat, the Base normal still affects the Clear Coat. It's not what I'd have expected so I will ask :)
ok, I recorded small video) but i cant totally understand what is going on. With some maps, for example default procedural noise connected through CoronaBumpConverter all work as expected, with some normal bump maps don't

Hi, as of the latest daily build of Corona 7 2021-03-22, If clearcoat bump map is not supplied, clearcoat does not use any bump-mapping (previously it used bump map from base layer). Further detailed info can be found here: [Behind the scenes: The Physical Material]

You can find the latest DB here: [Link]
I observe strange behavior of the material if I add a normal bump map to the clearcoat bump slot, and vice versa, if I use a normal map in the base bump slot, then the clearcoat layer looks like inheriting the bumps of the base layer, is it expected?

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