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Hi Jan,

This is very helpful, thank you!

Now I can create the objects in memory first, name them etc. and then insert them in the hierarchy like a normal C4D object.

You can't do this with the "c4d.CallCommand" syntax since it just creates the object in the root of the scene.


Hi guys,

Just a quick question, is there a list or page somewhere that lists the proper Python commands to create Corona lights or cameras etc.?

With "proper" I mean not "c4d.CallCommand(1032104) # Corona Light" but rather something along the lines of "c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Ocamera)"



Just to add to my earlier message, the same issue is present when you do a Team Render from within C4D (so application interface, not web interface) with a render client running on a secondary machine.

So even without exporting the scene to a web based render farm but rendering from within C4D with a render queue, the problem is present.

The only way to render a scene with multiple UDIMS on a mesh is to actually render within C4D in hte Corona VFB/Picture Viewer.



I was wondering if you found out what the issue is and what the plan is to fix it?

Ok, we will wait for the release of v7 then as we're not updating our renderfarm with daily builds.

Thanks for letting us know!

Hi Jan,

Thanks for getting back to me, so if I understand you correctly there won't be a hotfix for the hotfix for Version 6 to repair this again?

Hi there,

Seems like we found another one.

Cinema R23
Corona v6 Hotfix 2
Team Render (Web Interface).

Last weekend we rendered a large set of images on our internal renderfarm and we ran into the following issue:
- When a single image is split over multiple machine, it seems that at least "Highlight Compression" in the Corona Camera tag is completely ignored.
- When we render the same image on a single machine, the camera tag is properly applied.

I said "at least" in the first sentence because perhaps the entire camera tag is ignored (again). This is a bug that was fixed before but it seems to be back again?

Can we get someone to look into this please?


I've tested it and adding the textures manually does not solve the issue unfortunately, the scene still renders only the textures of UDIM 1001.

I have uploaded the files to the file uploader (sender is Joep) so you can check it out on your side, please do keep me updated on the progress.

Hi there,

Yes, I am using the Corona bitmap as to my knowledge C4D does not natively support UDIM textures, at least not when we made the model 2 years ago.

*HOWEVER* when preparing the file for you I seemed to have stumbled on the possible cause, let me verify this first:
When we render scenes on the renderfarm, we do a "save project with assets", then zip the result and upload it to the renderfarm. It seems that when you "save project with assets", C4D casually ignores that you have a UDIM ranged texture in the project and only includes the texture channels 1001 UDIM.

I'm going to manually include the rest of the textures now and see if that fixes the issue, but in the meantime it might be good for the people on your end to see if they can ensure that full UDIM range textures are included when doing a "save project with assets", not just UDIM 1001 textures.

Hi there,

We've encountered a rather serious problem it seems when using Corona with a UDIM texture format in combination with the web based (team)render-farm. The model has only got the texture of UDIM 1001 applied on all subsequent UDIM's (1002,1003, 1004 etc.) which makes it come out wrong.
This bug happens when you have a single image rendered split over multiple render clients. I am still in the process of verifying if this also happens when you have an image rendered on a single machine of the renderfarm.

We're using Cinema R23
Corona version 6 Hotfix 2

When you render the same exact scene in Cinema R23 on a single machine, it comes out fine and all UDIM's work as they should.

Is it possible for someone on your side to look into this please?

Kind regards,


With last versions of the daily builds cinema crashes in combination with a simple hair object.
This happens under Big Sur - Pentium chipset - R23 and S24
Simple sphere + corona hair object. Interactive render crashes on activation.
The vfb renders crashes sometimes but is highly instable


Hi guys,

We've got an issue which has been present for quite a long time now (in Corona 6).

At the moment we are using the render server (web client) in our office and have a number of machines hooked up to it to run jobs.
When we queue render jobs with multiple frames (2 or more) per job, you can start all of them and they'll work fine.
When we queue render jobs with single frames (that split over multiple machines to render) we can only start 1 job at a time. If we start a second of these jobs, the render server client instantly crashes.

This is a rather serious issue which I've already made a ticket about 3/4 of a year ago and TomG acknowledged there was an issue. However this issue is still present at this day and it's causing severe delays as artists have to sit and keep an eye on when jobs finish, so they can start a new one.

So in short:
You can start multiple jobs that render multiple frames fine, but as soon as you try starting multiple jobs that each have one frame, the render server crashes.
You can start 1 job with 1 frame and next to that multiple jobs with multiple frames as well, so the issue is purely with scenes that have 1 frame.

OS: Mac OS version 10.14 / 10.15
Corona 6 Hotfix 1

It would be really nice if this rather serious issue could be tackled in a timely fashion as it's taking up a lot of our time at the moment as well as wasted render farm capacity.



My mistake, not true.

That would be great :)

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