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[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Why Is the New PBR Better?
« on: 2021-01-20, 15:00:51 »
Thanks for the new PBR!
This post may be playing into the direction of my problem. I have a beer bottle with contents. The bottle with the given tinted glass (recolored) looks good. The contents are giving me trouble. If I also use the tinted glass and color it yellowish I don't get there with all parameters. Only when I use a clearcoat layer does it turn out as expected. But that does not seem correct to me. Is it not?

Is the problem once more between chair and monitor...?

Do you want the complete scene?

To Fix this you need the material be 'tiled' in the material tag, volumetric materials somehow needs tiling (both for the legacy and the new physical material)

Hi Corona team, thanks for the last RC. All seems pretty stable and more memory friendly. (less crashes)
One thing: When the the Corona VFB is open and I shut down C4D, C4D crashes always and becomse un-responsible (spinning beachball on Mac). I need to do a force quit.
Each and every time . But if I manually close VFB before quitting C4D there is no problem.
A small thing, but annoying.
I'm on MacOS 10.14.4, C4Dr21.022 , latest Corona build "Version: 5.0 rc 1 (core 5 (Release Candidate 4)"
(I agree the naming of the build are confusing)

Hi, Just a question regarding the Enhanced OpenGL. I don't get it. Obviously it's a first step with limited functionality, but I don't see any difference except black objects or object not visible at all or only wireframe.
Do I need to toggle a special switch to enable/disable things (I toggled all 'enhanced openGL' function from the options menu without any luck) But keep a messed up viewport. (MBP + Radeon pro 555X 4GB)
I understand the Radeon and the 4GB doesn't help much, but I think Corona is per definition the (only) best render option for people with no acces to GPU rendering with NVidea all Mac's

For future releases it would be nice to have a switch which turn this functionality totally off, now the viewport is not workable (also when Enhanced Open-GL is deactivated from the options-menu).
If a next daily build has the same issues people probably won't test it anymore and stay at the last 'workable' build. Which results in less feedback about other 'issues/features' in new builds.
So I guess this feature was a bit too early to release (even for daily builds)

But again, maybe there is a magic switch I need to flip for all of it to work perfectly :)
Anyway, still very much happy with Corona, keep up the good work!

Hi, I can't install this latest daily build on my iMac OSX 10.14.6
The installer installs in the R20 folder and does not recognize the "Applications/Maxon Cinema 4D R21" folder
R21 is actually differently installed by the Maxon installer in a folder that is named "Maxon Cinema 4D R21" It used to be "Applications/Maxon/Cinema 4D R20"

I tried to manually move the installed Corona Plugin folder from R20 to the R21 plugin folder but it did not work. The plugin in the R20 folder is named corona4dR20.xlib so maybe the installer does not install a R21 compatible plugin in the R20 folder.

Anyhow, hope the team fixes this asap. I feel a little left out now...

It's there. During the install at the "Installation Type" at the left-bottom there is a button "Customise". There you can check R14,15.....20 and also R21

Thank you all for the hard work! And enjoy a well deserved weekend.

Note to self, hire robots to work at twice the speed and without errors ;)

Maybe this is not a really bad idea...not the robots but a buggy release with errors! Just for playing with R21. A lot of people are eager to instal the 14days trial of r21 and would like to see what they can achieve with it. But physical or provender is just no option to test it, we need some kind of corona. If it's not that hard to release a not-perfect-maybe-very-buggy Corona for r21 (next to the normal daily builds). I'm sure you have a buggy, but working version right now!.  I will be very happy.

But I also would like to express my concern about this lack of info and update for r21. Realistic information about a target release date is essential for some people. Business decisions needs to be made. So a target release date will be welcome. And updated information when the target will be missed.

Our update with Daily build:

I noticed if I use "use high quailty filtering" corona needs around 310 passes to reach noise level limit 4
If I use an old Type "tend" filter, it only needs around 200 passes to reach noise level limit 4

hmm ... I'm a little confused (very high price for to me invisible difference in quality)'s around +33% and more in render time!

Below are tests with my home old PC.

310 passes is really a lot. What is the render resolution you used. I just did a similar scene (matt and glass ball on background with HDR light @1600x900 4% noise level limit) and both scenes took only 5 and 10 passes for both HQ and tent. (tent was in time 1seconds faster)

What is you GI/AA balance settings (standard=16), when I try it with "2", I do notice the HQ filter is 50% slower then the tent.But "2" is really only needed if you need fast but grainy results. Useless for a 4% noise limit

hi guys,
I found a bug about hdr. Load a simple hdr in the slot and try to start an animation, the frames will be rendered alternating with a black one and the right one. this with the latest beta and win10
now I'm back with the Daily Build 2019-04-16 and it works fine

I can confirm this on my MacBook Pro with the latest build. I didn't used the attached file but made a simple animation with HDR and exported as mp4

Thank you Houska/Corona team, It seems the freeze on material creating/editing is fixed on my machine.

Spinning beachball and freeze while editing a material with material editor. (also with material node editor) Even the most simple diffuse color change hangs Corona for >10sec. After the first hang it become more responsive but when creating a new material the freeze is back.

Also C4D startup fase while loading plugins is extreme slow (same problem I guess)

I would like to submit it as a DAILY bug, but don't know where, so I made a video showing the issue. (also, because it doesn't crash I can't send a bug-report)
This behaviour is in both Daily Build 2019-02-20 and Daily Build 2019-03-14 on: MacOS 10.14.4 - MBP2018 - Intel i7 2.2Ghz 6core - 16GB ram - Radeon 'Pro' 555 X - C4D R20.059 - C4D EDU license - Corona 45 day trial license

see attached video

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