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I've the same problem. Have you @HenrikH found any solution to the issue?

To wrap up: After running V-Ray to Corona Converter, some 'leftover' V-Ray shaders may still remain in the scene, potentially causing problems when working further. When submitting a Cinema 4D & Corona Renderer scene to a renderfarm with this issue present, the render can even break/stop completely because the farm might get confused by a Corona scene also having V-Ray shaders, as happened to me many times.

Is there a way to at find and replace leftover V-Ray shaders in a Corona scene, or 'kill/purge' V-Ray shaders alltogether?

Thank you in advance,
Márton Lente


I was just about to post this exact same bug report on the forum, when I spotted this thread.

I can confirm the issue is sadly still present in Cinema 4D R20.059 Prime with Corona Renderer version 3 hotfix 2. Let me add some details to the above:

  • The viewport freezes on viewport switching, along 100 percent pocessor usage on one thread, when one or more Corona Proxies are present in the scene.
  • The more Corona Proxies there are in the scene, the longer the freeze lasts, when switching viewports. In large scenes with lots of proxies, it practically kills performace, making the scene unusable at a point.
  • The proxies' 'Visualization method' doesn't have an impact on the issue – the problem is always present, when there're just Corona Proxies in the scene.
  • Setting Corona Proxies 'Visible in Editor' to off doesn't have an impact on the issue either.
  • Using Render Instances, or Xrefs as a workaround perfectly works, significantly outperforming Corona Proxies in the viewport. However Corona Proxy has a lot of advantages, it'd be nice to work with that.

The issue would be quite urgent to be fixed, as it not only makes Corona Proxy useless, but causes a 'hard-to-investigate' viewport problem – comically when a user follows Corona best practices for maximum scene optimization.

Thank you for your information in advance!

Kind regards,
Márton Lente


After submitting this feature request by email, I've just noticed this thread. Are there any updates on this?

Saving to CXR a single image or an image-sequence, and then using Image Editor is an amazingly productive archviz workflow. As others noted, having the ability to save CXR from Picture Viewer would be a major milestone, opening doors to e.g. use RebusFarm and more. I think it really should be on top of the priority list.

Thanks in advance,
Márton Lente


I'm also very much interested if it's already possible to save render results with Cinema 4D's standard render settings as CXR, in order to be able to postprocess them within Corona's essentially important Image Editor?

As many users noted, currently the only possible way of saving CXR is to setup Corona autosave as described in docs, which is a hacky workaround for an essentially important feature. It prevents users from using Corona e.g. with RebusFarm, and is very problematic in a business IT environment, if using Image Editor as part of a production workflow.

Do you have any plans to make saving CXR possible with Cinema 4D's standard render settings? Rendering to CXR and then postprocessing (and lightmixing) within Image Editor is simply the best workflow for still images Corona has to offer, but currently it's significantly compromised because of the lack of this feature.

If there is another workaround to use LightMix with another format than CXR within Image Editor, please also let me know.

Thank you for your information in advance,
Márton Lente

For your information, this bug also applies to Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D.

It'd be nice to see a fix soon, as setting values numerically (and changing between input fields by Tab key) is a very productive, and engaging way of working with the VFB. Without this, you have to focus your efforts on forcing the values to change, instead of on the image.


Unfortunately the provided link for the Shader Ball V2.0 file no longer work – it just doesn't load.

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