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Corona Standalone / Re: Standalone Documentation
« on: 2021-02-23, 12:06:13 »
That is the only doco I know of.

Thanks will have a look in the next day or two

Let's see what the new standalone brings.

Thanks for the list of things that don't work.  I am not actively using blender at the moment (too many other things happening) so any info on what doesn't work is great.

Ideally scenes that are as simple as possible that demonstrate it broken work best. I can then include them in the tests once it is fixed so we don't see the same issue come up again later.

So far I have been the only developer really so yeah I have been just working locally.  Once another dev is working if we each work on a branch per feature it makes merging keeping track of everything a lot easier.

Feel free to add a todo list to the current doco, I think I can add you as a member to the blender project.  Unfortunately my time is limited to less than 5 hours per week at the moment.

Corona Renderer for Blender / Re: A few questions
« on: 2020-02-21, 05:32:02 »
From the links in the signature but I don't expect it.

Corona Renderer for Blender / Re: A few questions
« on: 2020-02-21, 03:07:33 »
Hey there I am aiming to make it as backwards compatible as possible so 2.79 scenes should work with none or very little changes.

At the moment it is just getting a few sample scenes exporting correctly. Ideally I would like a few scenes that tests all nodes then another few that tests lights/meshes/modifiers. I can then include them in the tests I already run

Yeah same place for issues, though i expect there to be lots :)

Material preview is still broken with latest versions of Corona Renderer.

Looks like your path to the corona standalone might be wrong?

To test the download can be found here:

Note that you shouldn't probably shouldn't use this on any important work.  You should be able to swap this in and out again I haven't had any issues with this but I can't absolutely guarantee that it won't break a .blend file :)

If anyone would like to try again, more nodes work and more geometry work now.  Again not 100% ready for public there is still much to improve on.

Unfortunately it doesn't that template is very basic. I know what to do but haven't had the time to fix each and every change.

2.80 changes the way it loads completely so I have to fix the nodes as well as the sockets one by one. Looks like I haven't fixed them all yet.

Some of them do I haven't tested them all or tried the ever shaders

I have made a lot of progress modifiers export but having trouble with UV map textures.

There are likely a few other problems. If you want to test download the latest .zip of the blender280 branch from the link in my sig

Corona Renderer for Blender / Re: How's it going?
« on: 2019-12-02, 13:18:35 »
No problem at all :)

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