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[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Displacement problem
« on: Yesterday at 11:34:52 »
In this kind of situation I use Grider script to subdivide exported from Archicad mesh

With Private uploader, file name is 1641934894_ENU-new-Max2022.rar

Hi again.

So I've started from new MAX 2022 ENU folder and installed most of the scripts and made UI setting from scratch. This time I didn't install some of Sergo Pogosyan's scripts, but if you remember, I tried to remove them previously and it didn't help to solve the problem.
Max still works normally, I even worked with the scene, which as I supposed has problem point, but still didn't get this issue. So no clue where this problem was hidden. I'm happy that I can continue to work with the latest Corona builds, but maybe would be wise to understand what caused this Max behavior. If you need I can send you my new ENU folder, so you can compare it with the old one.


Hi again, you can find the file on the provided ENU folder \ENU\usermacros\Monotone Minimal-mmTransformTypein, but I can't imagine this remnant can be so impactful. Hmmm, I will look bit more deeper on your UI ENU settings it's the next possible thing.

Thank you! I don't know how I didn't noticed this script there, and why 'search' didn't find it either, but you're right, it was located in ENU\usermacros folder.

I deleted it, but unfortunately with no positive news this time either...

I am assuming starting over with a clear ENU is not an option.

Actually this is what I'm going to do for Max 2022 when I have more time (maybe on this weekend), and I hope I'll find the script/pluging or maybe some interface setting which has some conflict with Corona's latest DBs. I'll let you know if I find something

mmTransformTypeIn script is from, please check the author links provided in script spot. In your ENU can be found as Monotone Minimal-mmTransformTypein. Please let me know if you need any more help with locating it, or if the issue still remains.

Thanks GeorgeK, but there is no such kind of files in my ENU folder... Actually this script was written by my request pretty long time ago :), and I can find mmTransformTypeIn.mcr in
 C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\scripts folder (I still have it installed on my computer), but there is no this file in any folders of Max 2021 and Max 2022...

Please try uninstalling or removing the following and see if the issue persists:

Sergo Pogosyan-Scripts
TrackScripts (kstudio)
Wahooney Tools-ViewportAutoSnap
mmTransformTypeIn script

I tried to remove the scripts mentioned by you, all of them, except the mmTransformTypeIn script. No changes in this case, the issue still persists.

Abut the mmTransformTypeIn script - I didn't find anything concerning this script in any Max 2022 folders... But it's still working in Max. So I don't know how to remove it. Could you give me some tip how to do it, please?


Tried corona-8-3dsmax-daily-2022-01-04, the bug is still the here

Done with Private uploader, ENU folder from Max 2022
File name 1641391785_ENU.rar

Hi again and happy new year! Thanks for the provided info, can you please try to reproduce this with your ENU folder renamed?


Done. Yes, with new ENU folder Max works normally. Does it mean that some of installed scripts/plugins is interacting with Corona this strange way?

Happy New Year!

I tried different viewport layouts with no Corona IR docked in them, but didn't get positive result out of it.
Currently I work on 4K monitor with display resolution 3840x2160, text and icons scale set to 150%(recommended).
As I mentioned I have had this issue previously, that times it was with my old monitor with lower resolution.


Can you please try and reset your custom quad and see if it it's reproducible?

Hi. Did you you mean quad menus? If so, I reset them, but it didn't change the situation

Also tried different viewports layouts - no result too


I have had same strange issue before, but those times I didn't connect it with Corona and simple restart Max helped to get rid off this behavior. But this time it's clearly connected with Corona.

I've just installed Max 2022.3 + corona-8-3dsmax-daily-2021-12-06 and everything was OK until I tried to work with the same scene I was working on before I faced this issue. Unfortunately now I have the same situation with Max 2022 :((

It seems that the starting point of this problem somewhere in that scene. I also suppose, that it might be connected with the planks objects created by Floor generator, but I'm not quite sure. I checked the scene with Prune scene and Sini Forensic, they both said that there are no virus in the scene.

Now I installed Corona 7 hotfix 1 and Max 2021 and 2022 are working fine.

I uploaded this scene to the Dropbox for you to investigate the issue. File name is

Strange thigs are happening with latest DBs. Please, check the attached video.
Everything is going normally until the moment when any material appeared in the ME (even if it's not assigned to objects), after that any actions with objects looks like the strength of mouse movements were multiplied by 10, and there is no more actions written in "undo" list, no way to undo anything.
I worked with corona-8-3dsmax-daily-2021-12-06 since it was published and didn't have any problems until yesterday. It just happened during the work on regular scene and after that I can't avoid this situation.
It's happening with all DBs after corona-8-3dsmax-daily-2021-09-30, with this one and older ones everything works fine.
It doesn't happen if any other renderer is chosen.

Max 2021.3

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Mohammadreza Mohseni!

DB 2021-10-15    IR + Forest Pack 7 = crash
Max 2021.3

Please can you send the scene and some reproduction steps over?

We really want to investigate this, but we need more information.

Pretty please follow this guide when reporting bugs to us: it will make it much quicker and easier for us to investigate and fix the issue.



My Windows 10 has updated and IR+FP is working fine now. Sorry, that was something on my side

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