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Title: Visible to Volumetrics / Global Volume Material
Post by: jms.lwly on 2021-07-08, 12:50:23
Maybe impossible - or maybe achievable in another way... but it would be helpful to disable individual lights or light materials from Volumetric effects or the Global Volume material - in the same way you can disable a light from reflection / refraction / masks / alpha.

An example where this would be useful is for any project using LightMix with multiple environments or lighting setups. The CESSENTIAL_Volumetrics element becomes useless for applying in Post as it combines the environmental effects from every light source.

I have a current project with a day shot (just sun/sky) and a night version (with interior and exterior lighting) - all lights are visible in the volumetric pass. The volumetric pass is now useless for tweaking/layering in post as it has sunlight pouring in through the windows (not relevant for the night shot) and has volumetric cones where the exterior lights appear (lovely in the night shot, but not relevant for the day shot).

Alternatively if there was a control within the CESSENTIAL_Volumetrics pass to choose which light sources it is using - much like the Light Select passes themselves?