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Title: Interior Render • Critiques and Tips
Post by: husherson2 on 2020-05-05, 06:06:14
Hello everyone! I am trying to improve in Corona and make a better use of the forum in general.
This is not a critic, I really like it here, but is just what I see nowadays: I feel like art forums in general have lost their purpose, instead of the majority of people helping each other like the "old days", it became just a show off of everyone's work.

Therefore, I am here to share my beginner's work and ask for critiques and tips that would help me improve it. I think that hearing different opinions and tips, makes me think more before getting my hands dirt (thoughts like "how should I approach this now?" or "what is the best way to light my scene and achieve certain look that I am aiming for?")

This is not my first time with corona, but after some time dedicated to studying, I think this is the best result that I got with it so far.

It was just an exercise, so the void/hole on the windows was more me not being able to find a proper window model. By the way, most of the times I feel like grabbing a bunch of different models and just gathering them in the scene in a organized manner, doesn't make the scene actually feel like my own creation. I know that in a production pipeline you can't model everything, but it feels strange anyway. That's why sometimes I use the native windows and doors from 3ds Max and tweaks some stuff in the geometry, but I don't know if this is the best approach.

I've attached the images below and also some issues that I managed to point out myself but I don't know the solution/best way to deal with it.
1) Orientation of the textures on the wall - I've used Corona Triplanar Map on the material and applied to the two objects that generate the walls for the rooms, but as you can see the orientation of the texture is different. This happens due to the geometry of the objects being different right? Would it be better to use a Unrap UVW?

2) Hard edges - I've chamfered all the edges using a chamfer modifier. Even though I did that, you can find some hard edges on the window and a hard transition between the floor and the wall, looks flat and dull. Is there any tip to make this Wall/Floor edge look more realistic?

3) Dark edges - As you can see on the Y shaped form in red, when the walls and ceiling meet each other, there's a lot of ambient occlusion. I've achieved that using a Corona AO Map. The reason why I did that was the fact that without this, the walls would sort of blend each other, or get a very subtle occlusion when they meet. So my problem here is: with AO, too dark, without AO to flat. I guess the answer is obvious (just tweak the settings of AO Ronaldinho you dumb fuck!) but I could use a little help with this as well.

Any tips, comments and critiques are going to be extremely helpful! Cheers!
Title: Re: Interior Render • Critiques and Tips
Post by: cjwidd on 2020-05-05, 08:16:08
Seems like there is a lot of good in these images, but here are some suggestions based on my personal taste:

Just little details, overall seems like the image is heading in the right direction - well done 👌
Title: Re: Interior Render • Critiques and Tips
Post by: husherson2 on 2020-05-07, 06:54:31
Thank you very much for your reply cjwidd! Sorry for taking so long to reply.
I can see that all the aspects that you mentioned are definitely changes that I must do in my scene. I agree with all of them and I appreciate the time that you took to analyze my image.
I've tried to tweak most of them (plants were difficult for me to set up the right material so I didn't change) on the images below, but the only one that I could not understand was item number 2 (hard edges / laser lines). What do you mean by "laser lines"?

I am still curious about using pre-made models (for example, on a close-up shot like I did). Feels like the work is not mine.
Title: Re: Interior Render • Critiques and Tips
Post by: cjwidd on 2020-05-07, 11:26:57
"laser lines" are perfectly straight lines in the scene. If you add displacement to your wall materials, you can map variation in height near the edges; in this way, you won't have impossibly straight lines defining the shape of your scene.

Regarding using external assets, this is an idea you must get over as an artist (IMO).

If you use other artist's assets, then credit the artist where appropriate.

If you use assets from a library or online marketplace (e.g. couch from cgtrader, lamps from turbosquid, rug from cgsource, plant from dimensiva, etc.), I think you would be forgiven for not indicating those contributions.

Professional artists and studios use external assets as a rule to do their work, so any shame / guilt you feel for using assets that you did not create is an insecurity that you probably should not ruminate over.
Title: Re: Interior Render • Critiques and Tips
Post by: husherson2 on 2020-05-08, 03:57:56
Yeah just like I thought, this is a insecurity that I should just dump.
All the models are from library/marketplaces like you said. I would say that 99% of the one that I use.

I'll definitely tweak the scene and apply the displacement mapped on the walls. 
Thanks for the tips cjwidd!