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Title: ACES color
Post by: MARDUK on 2020-04-19, 22:11:45
Academy Color Encoding System

Is this color scheme available at Corona?

I have read that sRGB
Old technology and very weak
I don’t know these things. My information is limited compared to specialists
But I want to know that, please


Title: Re: ACES color
Post by: Designerman77 on 2020-04-20, 00:03:52
Yeah, I often wish that render engines would simply emulate perfect dynamics and color grading - on the level of cinematic cameras.

I would honestly imply only two modes: camera dynamic mode and human eye dynamic mode. :)

In Corona, you basically try to get good dynamics by tweaking the compression with filmic highlights and sometimes add a bit of filmic shadows, play with the contrast and exposure.
Juggling those parameters get you quite decent results that don't require much PS tweaking.
Ah, and some of the LUTs included in Corona are also quite handy.
Depending on the light situation, my favorites are: contrast hard, contrast soft, Kim Amland photographic (on lower values like 0.4), Fuji & Portra can be also cool at low values.

But yeah, I'm waiting for that day, when render engines will generate simply perfect, super realistic lighting without any tweaking. :)
Title: Re: ACES color
Post by: indexofrefraction on 2021-05-02, 15:43:56
after having seen ACES in arnold i'm bumping this topic.... !

ACES support should be added to every renderer just for the dynamics, only! :)
makes it way easier to deal with lights and over saturation

would it be possible to reconsider adding this to the roadmap?
Title: Re: ACES color
Post by: burnin on 2021-05-02, 22:38:43
Nah, few things to know in short:

ACES is primarily developed for VFX compositing workflow to coordinate colors of many different camera video standards.

For rendering, not only you must supply proper textures (preferably HDR exrs) but also engine must be spectral. Otherwise it's just "Shit in, Shit out."

BEWARE of videos above since they skew user's perception in similar way ACES skews colors ;)

Know your LWF and you can simply continue shuffling your 'colour science' mastery in your fav. compositing/editing suite.

Best houses/studios stay away from it and have proprietary tools.
Title: Re: ACES color
Post by: indexofrefraction on 2021-05-03, 09:44:34
i'm no expert here and I didnt even watch these videos now.
i just saw how ACES works on arnold and i assume they know what they're doing.

there you need to "import" textures (means correctly set them up in the bitmap shader)
normally as sRGB Texture, HDRIs as Linear of course, this is the same if you use the LWF.
the difference is that the result must get exported from ACEScg after rendering
on arnold you must use their VFB, you cant see the proper result in PV directly

after the export to sRGB the images look very natural out of the box
with LWF you need to post process on a guessing base to get yr final image
for me it looks like ACES gives you better pictures with less work

EDIT: Arnold has it, it is planned for Vray5 on C4D,
it would be nice to get an update from Corona what they think about it
Title: Re: ACES color
Post by: indexofrefraction on 2021-05-11, 10:02:39
corona team?
no comment?
Title: Re: ACES color
Post by: fabio81 on 2021-05-11, 13:57:32
Title: Re: ACES color
Post by: indexofrefraction on 2021-06-21, 18:05:00
june 19th 2021 ...
Redshift supports OpenColorIO 2.0.1 / ACES
Title: Re: ACES color
Post by: maru on 2021-06-22, 13:21:46
Yes, this is planned for our new tone mapping / post processing workflow. Please just allow us more time to do it right so that everyone is happy.
Also, please note that the "secret ingredient" video is full of misinformation and just plain wrong. It was posted and commented many times on the forum.