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Title: Inside Volume Mode
Post by: astrofalcon on 2018-11-14, 22:47:23
Can you guys please please add or unlock "Inside Volume Mode" in the Corona for C4D version? I know the feature is there in the 3DS Max version.

Can this be done anytime soon?!

Thanks so much best render engine team!!!

- Shawn
Title: Re: Inside Volume Mode
Post by: houska on 2018-11-15, 10:45:49
Hi Shawn,

I assume that you mean heterogeneous media support. As far as I know, currently, heterogeneous media are only possible to do in C4D R20 or with external third-party plugins. So because of this and for various other reasons, implementing this feature will be more complicated and would delay the release of the final version of Corona 3 for C4D. We will add this later, probably in Corona 4 for C4D.
Title: Re: Inside Volume Mode
Post by: astrofalcon on 2018-11-15, 15:54:37

More specifically I'm curious about "inside volume mode" feature that is in 3dsmax. As far as I can tell it seems it would be no reason that this feature couldn't be exposed in the Cinema 4D version if it is supported in the current Corona core. Am I completely mistaken is there some reason this feature can't be implemented if it is actually part of Corona's current rendering technology?

I understand the open VDB support may take longer since Cinema itself only partially now supports open VDBs.

Thanks so much I really hope this can be added :)

- Shawn