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[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Standalone for Macosx
« on: 2014-08-26, 13:37:36 »
Hi will there be in near future a standalone-version for the OSX system?
Best Regards!

Alltough there is no pass is generated in the exporter, the alpha channel is by default on in the corona standalone application.
The problem is that if you save a beauty image within the application as a exr or png file, the generated images are transparent in the alpha areas;
Refractive materials and backgrounds, where no alpha should be in the beauty, are also transparent.

Gallery / Bath Study
« on: 2014-01-24, 13:07:48 »
Some Blender 3D shots for a new Bath study:

Hi i compared the build from 2014-01-14 with the build from 2013-12-12 and there are differencies...
I dont know whether it is a bug. It is exactly the same scene with exact the same texture. I used a floor material with a normal map.

Exr's, which worked fine for the December standalone Build, crashes with the newest corona now..

Hi my name is Hakan and i'm from Germany...
I'm using Blender now for more than 8 Years....
I use Cycles and Octane for my outdoor scenes, but indoor scenes are a pain to render with them, alltough i have 2 GTX780ti's on my machine...
Randomly i stumbled over corona and used Joel's blender addon for the corona standalone and i was blown away by the the speed and quality of this renderer...
So my question is, will the standalone renderer get some basic* features or will it be used for demonstrations only...?

If it will stay for a demonstrating purposes then it is ok, i would go the vray way.....
I asked similar questions on other threads, i think here is the best place for this...

Best regards!

*lacking Basic features:
-Corona sky-system

-horizontal rotated camera
-controllable Bokeh shape
-blend material
-control strength of maps and enviroments...

Gallery / Tungee's tests
« on: 2014-01-05, 14:03:36 »
These are my test with Ohsnapitsjoel's Blender addon->Corona Standalone:

Corona Standalone / Standalone requests
« on: 2014-01-04, 14:49:16 »
Hi Ondra,

i have some feature requests for the Corona standalone:

-bokeh shape
-value for the normal map strength
-is the intensity of the exr controllable?
-UV related features...

Best Regards !

Work in Progress/Tests / Blender-Corona Standalone DOF-Test
« on: 2014-01-03, 21:58:10 »
Hi this is my my first try with this superb renderer.....
Bytheway, is the shape of the bokeh controlable via the standalone version?
Best Regards :)

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