Author Topic: Campatibility Mac OS Ventura and C4D R21  (Read 372 times)

2023-08-06, 19:18:31


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I am planning to switch to a mac studio ultra M2 in the near future. Now I am concerned about the compatibility of C4D with Mac OS Ventura. Currently I am working with a MacBook pro 16" 2019 (latest Intel) and it works very well with C4D R21 and Catalina.
I hope Ventura works well with C4D R21 too, because I don't need a newer version unless it's absolutely necessary.
Can someone tell me if it works well: Ventura, C4D R21, Corona 10?
Have a nice evening, Wolfgang

2023-09-03, 14:34:50
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I havent tested extensively as I also have C4D 2023. But I have r21 on my MBP M2 with Ventura too and, it seems fine whenever I've opened it.

2023-09-18, 08:29:49
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Hi there,
Well, Corona supports M-series silicon, so there's nothing you should worry about except for properly cooling your Mac system.
We haven't had any major issues using Corona in the latest MacOS versions, but perhaps you may want to ask about the C4D performance in Ventura OS directly in the Maxon forum, where you'll probably get a more in-depth analysis of the C4D performance in latest MacOS version.
Please let us know if we can provide additional assistance.
Kind regards.
Benjamin Rosas |
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2023-09-18, 22:35:05
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Native Apple Silicon Corona needs v8 and C4D S24 (although C4D R23 was native). Anything less will be working under Rosetta emulation so not working to the best of its ability.