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[Max] I need help! / corona 12 VFB 2.0
« Last post by JG_monomiru on Today at 08:07:27 »
Is it a normal behavior that heavy scenes (corona warning memory etc) rendered in corona 12 vfb2.0 will be unresponsive as long as the rendering happens?

So far i experienced when doing IR i can set up lightmix and switch between renderelements. When rendering production i'm unable to do anything in VFB2.0 ... it even stays black (showing nothing) unless the max "rendering progress" dialoge is moved by mouse.

I've not yet tested corona 12 with the old vfb and if the experience is the same or as it used to be before corona 12.
[Max] I need help! / Re: Compositing with backplate and masking
« Last post by mikerogers74 on Today at 04:42:21 »
Hi Aram,

So uploaded a scene to test with. Included in the zip file is a file called composite.png which is output from photoshop using the mask mask.png which would work in the vray workflow described above. If you want i can create a scene using vray soln for comparison.

Hi Romullus,

A box with shadow catcher works ok when the geometry is simple but if it's not something simple like a pillar (eg: plant) then this is a no go.


[C4D] I need help! / Re: Slow Preparing Geometry
« Last post by BigAl3D on Today at 00:34:54 »
Turned of most displacement in the materials and changed the Displacement setting to World --- No difference at all.

Switched to Path Tracing. Lighting is Physical Sky and Sun object --- Cut the render time in half.  ***Edit*** I also turned OFF motion blur. I think that's the culprit. I think the default settings of 4 and 1 segments. Sigh.
[Max] I need help! / Corona 12, Multimap and Viewport question
« Last post by patr11k on Yesterday at 23:19:51 »
Hello guys!

My Viewport settings are -> realistic materials with maps..
Is this normal that Corona Multimap Materials are not showing?

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Caustics playground!
« Last post by marchik on Yesterday at 22:56:30 »
Hello Corona Renderer Team,

I was not sure where to post my observations, hopefully, this is the right topic.

It's been a long time since I've played with caustics, and I tried them in v11 HF2 with default settings. However, I noticed that whatever I do, I always see separate photons on the floor and ceiling (secondary areas).

Of course, I can render caustics in a separate channel and then erase these areas. But maybe there is another way to improve the caustics result?

I tried playing with the settings in the Caustics Solver settings and sometimes got better results with smaller photons, but the density stays always low and it looks like photon-fireflies-noise effect. Primary areas are completely okay—the results on the blue wall look good to me; only the ceiling and the floor are a problem.

I also noticed that when I add my three objects to the caustic solver, it works only when they are in the exclude list. I thought they must be in the include list?

What do you recommend?

-Only CoronaPhysical materials have been used.
-No texture or procedural maps in the scene (except for people).
-Corona 11 HF2.

Many thanks in advance.

Please look at my attachment

As far as I know, the include/exclude list is for objects that will receive caustics, so all you need to do is exclude the floor surface.
Gallery / Architectural Visualization / Forest House
« Last post by aydemirfiratt on Yesterday at 21:29:33 »
The project is currently ongoing and involves architectural visualization concept work. 3D Studio Max, Forest Pack, Corona Renderer, and Adobe Photoshop have been used in this project. The project and renders belong to Aydemir CGI Studio. Architectural Visualization
STATUS: Ongoing

Learner’s Corner / Search for realism
« Last post by ajil on Yesterday at 21:09:54 »
I ask for help in achieving realism... I feel that something is missing in the work... Thank you
[C4D] I need help! / camera inactive
« Last post by jcmotion01 on Yesterday at 18:50:22 »
Hello tout le monde,

I use cinema 4d 2024.1 and coona 12.
When I create a camera, I change its parameters no matter how much, nothing changes.
Is there any special handling to do?? I'm a beginner on this rendering engine. Excuse my English
[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona Bitmap/Bump map problem
« Last post by GeMeMe on Yesterday at 14:49:34 »
Hi everyone,

I've run into a problem with bump mapping, of all things. A simple Corona Bitmap bump map, connected to the bump slot of a Corona Physical material should produce the output in the first image. The second image shows what I get instead. The normal vector calculation is off; the y-component seems to be inverted.
If I exchange the Corona Bitmap shader for a simple Bitmap shader, the bump effect is rendered correctly (this is how I got the first image). This seems to indicate that there is some problem with the way Corona Bitmap is sampled. Can anyone confirm?
I certainly hope that it's just me missing something obvious, instead of there being something seriously wrong with Corona for C4D. If so, please point me to my mistake.
Anyway, and feedback is appreciated!
[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Corona Light Wirecolor
« Last post by brr on Yesterday at 10:06:55 »
We have logged this as a feature request in our system.

(Report ID=CMAX-1187)

Thank you, Avi !

Have a nice day.
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