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Hardware / Re: Oculus Quest 2
« on: 2021-09-23, 17:29:38 »
Hej balatschaka,

thank you for the hints!
I will give it a try!

Hardware / Oculus Quest 2
« on: 2021-09-23, 13:13:30 »

I once again have to revert to the knowledge
and simple honesty of this great forum.

After reading, mailing and calling (even with facebook reality labs),
I´m not feeling ready or knowledge filled enough to buy the Oculus Quest 2.
In the end it all feels like "bla bla" ..give us your money and fu** off.


I would like to use the Quest 2,
because it works without a cable and is an up to date device
with good resolution and frames...etc.

What I´m not sure about & what I would like to ask you all is:

1. What are your thoughts on the cosumer version and the facebook account bondage?
(I called someone from facebook and talked about the business does not make sense for me).

2. Can I use with a browser?

3. Can I link (maybe via chromecast) the client VR view onto a TV,
so others see the "non eye-seperated" flat version of the VR with "client looking around"?

4. As it is only possible to load APK files onto the device,
do some of you know what this is and can I convert HTML-VR content?

5. Does someone have experience with "The Viewer" App for the Quest 2?
I´m willing to switch to them, if this fit´s better than for example.

6. Is the setup more or less "Plug & Play"?

That´s a lot, I know.
But maybe some answers will bring me one step further.

Thank you all so much!
best regards

Sorry Romullus,
I havent noticed.

[Max] General Discussion / RebusFarm - 400 passes Limit
« on: 2019-11-28, 15:06:52 »

I just found out,
that the new update to the Farminizer has set the option
for limiting the render settings to a fixed pass limit.

So now you MUST set a pass limit (400 for now).
You cannot only work with the noise level limit for now!

The support said, the Devs decided this because they think its enough :)

Am I wrong, or am I right by thinking this isnt enough in most cases.

Please anyone who also wants to work purely with the noise level limit,
write to Rebus and tell them to reset this, so we can put a zero in the passes field.
I think this will work if we call them to.

Thanks guys!
& all the best

Gallery / Re: Apartment in the old town of Vilnius
« on: 2018-06-28, 17:16:08 »
Hej mantaskava,

thanks for the quick reply.
& thanks for the words to my first question.

Regarding the floor, I meant if these are textures
from CG Source or Siger or something else.
Thogether with the material setup (bump, glossy, etc.).

I often end up having pretty black branches &
like the soft look of your floor.

I also can understand if you dont want to tell everything
about the workflow.

Thanks & best regards

Gallery / Re: Apartment in the old town of Vilnius
« on: 2018-06-27, 18:57:46 »
Hej mataskava,

absolutely top work you have done there!
I have 2 questions:

1. How do you get the images so 100%
noise free? Was it just rendertime and limit around 1,0%
noise level or was denoising involved?
I could imagine the metal on the furniture tops
would stay noisy a long time.

2. The floor material (wood heringbone).
I would buy your knowledge to get this exact look.
Can you tell your source and setup on this one?
If you dont like to do it public, please send a PM to me.

Looking forward to your feedback!
Best regards

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Noise level - little request
« on: 2018-02-28, 10:10:07 »
Hej Lamarc,

you can tell corona to do exactly what you described.
Go to system settings - enable development / experimental stuff.
Search for "Adaptivity and denosing" (second line) and set the adaptivity recalculation to 1.
(It is set to 5).

I dont know if that makes rendering a bit slower,
as the software has to do something each pass...?
But I think that summs up only for longer renders.

best regards

Hej Stratos,

I think this should do the job:

I do use this script a lot,
though I dont know if it works with native max materials.


Hej "corona",

If you take your time and check this out, it will help you understand the asked material creation:

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page till you find the downloadable banana tree)

I find this to be a pretty good example of how you can reach the wanted result and which screws to drive.

You need time & concentration for such things and to get good at it.

best regards

Off-Topic / Windows - uninstall waste cleaning
« on: 2017-10-04, 12:13:56 »

I´m sure there are some PC-specialists out I´m asking here.
If I had some software installed and uninstalled,
there are always some folders, files or other unused stuff left.

Some in the documents folder, some in AppData-Roaming...etc., and so on & on & on.

Does someone know, how to really remove these unused waste automatically or
with a tool?

I cant tell were all this waste is located and I only feel well after a clean OS install :)

I´m looking forward to some tips.
PS: CCleaner and so on is allready running.


Hej gitano_anton,

right now, the only light source is the light material on the wire.
This light material is strong and you want to light the scene with it = described problem.

You have to seperat what you want to see and what is illuminating the scene.

1. Wires on lamp get light material which is much weaker and bright enough to get nice glares.
2. Seperate sphere (?) ligth source inside bulbs wich are excluded to light the lamp but only the scene.

Also I would recommend a rayswitch material in every case where strong lights are near to very reflective materials.

Hope it helps


maybe it's not a "Vray-Feature", but today I was thinking about
the used LUT affecting the material editor slots.
It would speed up material creation a bit.

A vray specific wish would be the HSL or more color correction
options in VFB. Even less postwork would be needed.

So far for my ideas.

As for the upcoming changes for corona,
my only wish is that corona stays simple and relatively easy to use.

I'm very exited about whats coming up!

Best regards

Jobs / Re: Freelance furniture/asset modeler
« on: 2017-05-23, 15:55:58 »
Yes, I think he also works there,
but the invoices I got where from Pressenter Design.

Well, I could also say he's perfect :)
Lets keep him alive,
so we have this important on demand service in future.

I'm still laughing while typing.
Your answer sounds straight out of your mind :)

Best regards

Jobs / Re: Freelance furniture/asset modeler
« on: 2017-05-23, 15:04:22 »
Hej Juraj,

I would suggest to get in contact with Simon Migaj
(Pressenter Design).

He has done some jobs like you attached for me.
He is fast and the quality level is pretty high.

Hope it helps

[Max] Bug Reporting / Sampling Focus with Render Region
« on: 2017-05-16, 10:54:55 »

I wonder why my regions only clear out at the edges.
Having a look at the sampling focus you can see,
it behaves somehow strange.
(See the attached images).

It also happens, if the adaptivity kicked in for the whole image.

Maybe this is a bug or am I doing / expecting something wrong?

thank you & best regards

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