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Title: Oculus Quest 2
Post by: NicoB on 2021-09-23, 13:13:30

I once again have to revert to the knowledge
and simple honesty of this great forum.

After reading, mailing and calling (even with facebook reality labs),
I´m not feeling ready or knowledge filled enough to buy the Oculus Quest 2.
In the end it all feels like "bla bla" ..give us your money and fu** off.


I would like to use the Quest 2,
because it works without a cable and is an up to date device
with good resolution and frames...etc.

What I´m not sure about & what I would like to ask you all is:

1. What are your thoughts on the cosumer version and the facebook account bondage?
(I called someone from facebook and talked about the business does not make sense for me).

2. Can I use with a browser?

3. Can I link (maybe via chromecast) the client VR view onto a TV,
so others see the "non eye-seperated" flat version of the VR with "client looking around"?

4. As it is only possible to load APK files onto the device,
do some of you know what this is and can I convert HTML-VR content?

5. Does someone have experience with "The Viewer" App for the Quest 2?
I´m willing to switch to them, if this fit´s better than for example.

6. Is the setup more or less "Plug & Play"?

That´s a lot, I know.
But maybe some answers will bring me one step further.

Thank you all so much!
best regards

Title: Re: Oculus Quest 2
Post by: balatschaka on 2021-09-23, 14:29:59
Just gonna drop this here:

Very simple: preload the app on your device, render your panoramas, create a tour with KrPano or Pano2Vr (their app supports both outputs), move the output on your device, done.
We are using it with OculusGo and are very happy with the result. They also have a windows software wich lets you connect to your googles so people can watch you on a live on a monitor.
Title: Re: Oculus Quest 2
Post by: NicoB on 2021-09-23, 17:29:38
Hej balatschaka,

thank you for the hints!
I will give it a try!