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Dear Corona team,

LOVE the new Cosmos addition in the v8 daily - thanks for that!

a few questions i have:

- i cannot see correct material previews, the textures not show in the previews of the material sphere, they render correct though then in ipr and final render, so i have some wrong there or is this yet an known issue?

- atm it uses the web browser, this seem to conflict with the use in a dropbox folder, probably due the web browser use? (in vray with integrated cosmos browser it works) i can only import downloaded files when i pause the dropbox. i guess cosmos will also get an integrated cosmos window, right?

- some materials are very reflective or shiny in comparence to the cosmos originals. the same in vray seem yet at least to me a bit more realistic (like wood floors p.e), i compared for example this "Wood_Tiles_Shiny_04_200cm". do we need to lower the IOR ?


Hi Stefan,

This is from the changelog:

- Currently, we don't support "Use triplanar mapping", we plan to fix this in following daily builds
- We are still working on improving the look of imported materials (some materials might e.g. import as too glossy)
- On Windows, Cosmos currently always open in external web browser (on macOS this can be configured at the top of Corona preferences)

thanks i read that yes,
but it seems no triplaner involved, like the material from a tree created is 100% transparent in materialsphere,  or the trunk shows plain brown, even thogh there is a bitmap in diffuse etc (also no triplanar), etc

When I click on cosmos browser, Firefox opens. But then I get an error message in Firefox. It can't reach to the server.
Do I need some additional steps to get it working?

C4D R20
Win 10
Firefox up to date

But it looks very promising :)

Having same issue with Chrome on Windows10, cant open page.


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