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--- Quote ---maybe try a ray switch material with it (slicer in direct visible slot),
this probably should get the light untouched (in most cases at least, not if you cut away a part with a window opening)

other than that, as option, keep 2 copied one cut one uncut and use the corona compositing tag
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--- Quote ---You can indeed use the rayswitcher if you want to cut something away but leave the interior lit as if it was not cut away (e.g. remove the roof from a building, but see the rooms lit as if the roof was still there). Slicer into direct visibility, nothing into the GI, and that should be it if I remember rightly.
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I will try these and let you know. Thank you very much.

--- Quote ---I think Slicer works correctly. It would be odd to see the shadows from object you don't actually see...fe.: lamps, ceiling etc.
And the rooms probably will be whole dark.
If you take real object and cut it you will not see shadows from the parts taken off.
Beside, IMHO, the Slicer doesn't slice shadows, you just see shadows of the sliced objects.
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Yes, it is working correctly. It doesn't matter if it is physically correct. The point is to generate presentation images, not a realistic renders. The rooms will have their own lights etc.
Vray already has this option.


--- Quote from: BigAl3D on 2021-12-23, 19:18:17 ---Create new Corona material and choose Slicer. You will see a slot to choose what material you will see in the sliced parts of your model. Apply this material to an object you want to use to be the source of your cut. This object will NOT be seen, but you will see that material inside the cut. If you are familiar with the Boole function, it works the same. "I want to see Object A minus Object B"

You will also see an area where you can drag objects that are getting sliced, but you do NOT want them to be affected. In my example above, the Sphere I used to cut that slice, was also cutting innto the floor so I dragged the floor into this area to fix that problem.

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This include/exclude option isn't working here. When i try dragging objects the cursor turns into a red Ø, and when using the pick session no object is included in the list. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but can imagine what it could be. Any tips? thanks!

Add Corona Compositing tag to cut geometry and disable "Seen by GI".


--- Quote from: ozankar on 2021-12-27, 22:51:19 ---It's already perfect. Thank you very much.

As you can see at the test render, the sun lights enters directly and the shadows are also sliced. It would be great to choose if it affects the lights or not.

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Add Corona Compositing tag to cut geometry and disable "Seen by GI".


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