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Corona Multimap, Corona UVW randomizer, preview seed override checkbox



Quite a few times ive now been manually unplugging the multi- or corona uvw randomizer input maps in order to preview the way the texture is procedurally assigned. With the initial solid colors you can quite easily check if adjacent objects (like floorplanks) are using the same texture. I wonder why there isnt a checkbox to enable or disable textures in the multimap and overrride with a random solid color, and a checkbox in the uvwrandomizer to override with a uvw texture (similar to the one that exists in the native unwrapping tool.) This would make browsing for a good randomized seed in both of these a lot quicker.

A small color correct tool in the coronauvwrandomizer, similar to the corona multimap would also be quite handy :)


Aram Avetisyan:

Can you please attach some screenshots to better understand what is the exact thing you are having trouble to do, how it is now implemented or done, and what is the way you find will be the best to do it? There are other feature requests for UVWRandomizer and MultiMap, maybe this is related and can be merged with them.



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