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Texture with SSS Problem


I have a little Problem here.

I have some Skin Shaders and have a little Border on the Shaders. If i set the Standard Physical Material with the Textures the Border is not visible. Only if i set a SSS.

I followed the Skin Tutorial from Youtube. The textures are close top the Border and i must set a Blur for the last Layer. I dont know why the Borders are visible.

Do you have a Hint ?

Answer is in this thread:

I got a little Problem here.

I got a single Mesh with many Selections. Is the Tutorial with the actual Version, and how do i select the selections with only one skin Material with a Multi Shader ?

I dont understand it and Multishader has additional Functions.

Hi Conna, Are you able to share your scene with us via our private uploader?

If so, please use the ''save project with assets'' option from Cinema to ensure everything is linked to the scene. That can then be zipped and sent to us.



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