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I thinck i gonna buy Corona for Cinema.

I need to know how Corona works with native Cinema Lights and Functions. Is it possible to render Corona with a Visible Light, or maybe a Lens Flare ?

What does Corona understand about native ? If i render a Interior with Corona, can i use a Standard Cinema Light with special Options such as Lens Flare or Visible ? Or do i have to set the Renderer to Standard, without Corona ?


basically, we support Native Lights only for simple illumination, lens flare will not work with Corona Renderer. We have our own Corona Light solution and there are possibilities to work with our Bloom&Glare to create effects similar to those in Cinema's solution.

In any case, I would like to invite you to try the 45-day demo version of Corona to see if you like it or not. There's no harm in that :)

Take care,


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