Author Topic: Corona 7 and object properties issue  (Read 1073 times)

2021-08-25, 20:16:13


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So I'm rendering a scene that has a plane in front of my model with a photo plate assigned to it. In Corona 6, and as my typical setup, I set the planes object properties to not generate shadows or receive shadows.  Always worked fine. The scene is lit with an HDRI image only. My typical rig for exteriors. In Corona 7 I'm getting an issue problem with my setup.  Even with shadows off in object properties, the plane is throwing some bad shadows onto my model. If I turn off reflect and refract in object properties, shadows are gone, but then I don't get the refractions I would if it was on.  Using 3ds MAX 2021.  Any fix for this? Or confirmation that this is a problem?

2021-09-06, 10:45:10
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Please could you send through this scene? Instructions on how to do so are in my signature.


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