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MacOSX 11.5.4, c4d R24, Corona 7 final
I have a problem with the ShadowCatcher. I get neither shadows nor caustics. When I give the plane a normal material, I see both. What am I doing wrong here? The main image is on a backplate and the light comes from an HDRI and a lamp from the left.

Hi, It's a bit hard to know what's happening without seeing the scene file. If that can be sent to us via our private uploader, that would be great. When saving from C4D, please use the ''save project with assets'' option to ensure everything remains linked. That can then be zipped and sent to us.

I did a quick test here and it seems to be working for me.

Thank you very much, I have uploaded the file!


--- Quote from: peka on 2021-08-20, 13:15:13 ---Thank you very much, I have uploaded the file!

--- End quote ---

Best to let us know the file name here, so we can spot the right upload that is associated with this thread :)

The filename is: Bath_scene_pk


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