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Glass and metal material in viewport

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Is there a way to get glass and metal materials to actually show in the viewport? Currently they just show as black until I render them.

Am I making the materials wrong and thats why they arent showing or is this just something people deal with? I know in vray and standard render itll show me the chrome and glass but for some reason corona never has.

I appreciate any feedback!

Well, i deal with it in a way to put xray "on" to objects that i put glass texture


--- Quote from: djstevanovic on 2021-07-10, 01:28:53 ---Well, i deal with it in a way to put xray "on" to objects that i put glass texture

--- End quote ---

yes, but thats more of a work around than a solution. It seems like this is just something people put up with sadly.

Yes, i do also miss it!
Transparancy in Opengl pls!
No more workarounds.

Why does Corona touch Opengl anyway?
No need to invent the wheel again.
C4d does that perfectly fine (well, except r23..ugh)..



for glass and metal material you could make it visible by adding a color texture in the diffuse channel but keeping the diffuse level at 0%. It will not affect the material, but you will not be able to add anything else in the diffuse channel. Also for glass make sure that reflection/refraction is white/100%.

Just another workaround, would be nice too see this actually taken care of by the corona team. Maybe it is already fixed in the newer cinema versions?

Build timestamp: Aug  3 2021 16:40:22
Version: 7.0
Cinema version: R21.207 Cinema 4D (mutli-license)



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