Author Topic: CoronaLayeredMtl and procedural noise bug  (Read 629 times)

2019-04-27, 23:14:27


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Hi, I encountered such problem:
CoronaLayeredMtl, simple base material with diplacement (3ds max noise or prosimplex). As far as base material applied directly to object or CoronaLayeredMtl without any other layers - everything fine, I have correct size and look of displaced noise 0,005 (pic 1). But if I add any material to layer 1 (in this example same material as base but without displace) - noise looks different - bigger and less detailed.

I didn't checked other procedural materials, just noise and prosimplex, both use Object XYZ mapping.

And I just remembered - seems like I had same problem with PhoenixFD Ocean texture, did a fast check - it lost a lot of details when used in CoronaLayeredMtl.

pic 3 - only base material inside CoronaLayeredMtl, CoronaDisplacementMod used with phoenixfd ocean.
pic 4 - same material connected to base and layer 1, CoronaDisplacementMod used with phoenixfd ocean.

So CoronaDisplacementMod not helping as well.
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2019-04-30, 16:13:39
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It looks like autobump ( is applied only when there is just the base material used, and stops working when there are more layers.
We will look into this.
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