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Same thing here for a long time.

Haven't tried animation, but I noticed that different cameras for the same scene produce different shadows.

About "render has to be aborted..."
Clean scene - create some object, start interactive, create material, apply to object, load  bitmap, connect bitmap to some slot of material and you'll get an error. The are other scenarios as well. Not sure but seems like problem only wit max bitmap.


With the latest DB I almost constantly get "Render had to be aborted because a bitmap on disk changed and is being reloaded. Continuing the render could cause crash or undefined behavior..." during IR.
Bitmap has not changed. It happens when I link bitmap to material or assigning material or just pick material from scene. Different scenes, different materials, different bitmaps.

Meantime, am I right in thinking that you can fix the actual production scene by replacing that material, and then attaching all the maps to the new Physical Material?

yep, correct.
Material without maps attached.

The scene itself is quite old, probably half a year (long playing project), but the material, as well as the pattern, was created after 3rd February, so it was created with the latest daily.
Just a couple of days ago and I already don't remember where it came from))) Not sure if I created it from scratch or imported it as legacy and then converted it to physical (and if so - how it was converted, manually or by the converter).

But the problem is definitely in the material: if I make a copy and apply it - the results are the same. So something inside that I can't see (or just not noticed) causes the problem.

You never know :)

Yeah))) Seems like the problem is solved by replacing the material of the patterned object.

The weird thing is in the attachments.
Material marked red - producing the wrong result.
Marked green seems to be correct.

While those materials look the same. I compared them step by step and didn't notice any differences. I tried to select the "default" preset for marked red - no changes.

Hi, here are fast interactive renders

First two - without corona pattern
Two next - copy of the same object with corona pattern mod.

The scene is quite big and complex but for previews I isolated just 4 objects. The reflective surface, sun + 2 objects to receive caustics (one with pattern)

Latest corona daily.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / CoronaPattern not receiving caustics
« on: 2023-02-06, 13:39:17 »
Nothing to explain - seems like caustics don't see the pattern.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Curvature Map playground!
« on: 2022-10-25, 18:37:17 »
guys, but still, how about ignoring bump maps? V-Ray has this option

I'm sure this option will be very useful for creating more complex masks.


Also adding a map to the material lead to app error.

Seems like if you create a map and then connect to the material - all fine (but can't say for sure)

But if you drag from material and then select any map in the menu - crash.

In the example - I started IR, created and applied material, then dragged base color and selected CoronaAO.

I already found similar workaround - just extruded outer(open) edge down, even without bottom cap. But that a workaround - it will be better if it works out of box.

Box is simpler but the edge of terrain isn't flat and it's visible, as that terrain object is a one tile from many.

It can be easily reproduced (check the image), but it seems to be a false alarm... just realized that while it is obvious for me where the cap should be added - it's not obvious for the renderer.

So not sure if that can be solved. What do you think?

The problem is that in this particular situation I'm working with a ~10M polys terrain model, adding thickness to it isn't that good option for me.

Addition: actually no, it's not a false alarm and should be solved - in the case of single-sided geometry cap should be created at the backside based on normal orientation.

Check images, same scene, just different camera rotation. Such behavior was in all previous versions.

Hi, I'm doing ocean surface obviously ;)

Corona physical material + phoenixfd ocean texture for displacement and decal to add boat wake.

Everything works fine except the "height" parameter in the ocean texture if set to vector mode. It works fine if the decal is removed or if vector mode is disabled.

[Max] I need help! / PhoenixFD Ocean texture + Corona decal
« on: 2021-12-16, 23:28:25 »
The height parameter in ocean texture set to vector mode is ignored if corona decals are added to this object.

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