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2021-11-02, 16:21:02


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Where can I find the IES lights profiles in cinema4d for corona? I'm using s amc and can't find any ies light profiles.

2021-11-03, 06:48:43
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   C:\Program Files\Corona\ies

2021-11-03, 21:59:40
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@jhlose What directory is that? I've never seen anything about Corona providing it's own IES files. C4D content browser however, has tons of them. The problem you'll find is matching a profile with a real-world product. Unless the manufacturer provides a file. I can see in the name below it's a 125W light, but that's about it. If I'm wrong, please share your wisdom.

From the content browser:

2021-11-03, 22:01:46
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Yep, Corona installs a set of IES files generously donated by Real-IES, and that's the directory it goes to :) There's only 11 of them mind you, but it was to give people a starting point in case they didn't want to go grabbing them from the internet (where most manufacturers provide IES files for their light fittings, for free download and use, but do check their terms and conditions)

2021-11-05, 14:42:13
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I tried the Real-IES a long time ago when they first hit the installer and they gave me excessive fireflies.
Back then I reported that a custom install on macOs lets you only deselect one (1) of the additional “features” LUT, IES and now material lib.
Still happening in V7- try to deselect all 3.
It’s a slippery slope to bloatware from here… ;-)

2021-11-05, 15:51:07
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Ah yes, the exclusive checkboxes.

I'll log it internally.

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