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Using native C4D bitmap vs corona bitmap?


I'm currently setting up in a number of vegetation models with lots of different bitmap textures, and I've noticed that when I drag and drop image textures from file explorer into the node editor, it will create a regular C4D bitmap shader (not a corona bitmap). Is it worth it to change the nodes to corona bitmaps?

Searching through the forums, it seems the corona bitmaps can be more prone to bugs, however in the help center it mentions that corona bitmaps help with rendering speeds. Some clarification would be helpful.

I was just searching the forum to find info on image sampling when I found your post. It is indeed strange that dragging in an image in the Corona node editor creates a C4D bitmap. The Corona bitmap is so far hidden in the menu that I have never used it before.

I am using it now and it solves my image sampling problem (sharper and less washed out). The render times seem to be faster as well but I have not measured this.


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