Author Topic: Tutorial: Interactive presentation of SVOYA interior  (Read 356 times)

2022-06-03, 11:39:17


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How to combine beautiful Corona rendering and modern interactive technologies like WebGL?

In this series of tutorials, we will make an interactive interior presentation that can be viewed in real time through a web browser. And this means that your client will not have to download any applications or heavy Unreal projects weighing 10 GB.

With WebGL, everything is much simpler, this project weighs only 40 MB and loads in 5 seconds. The performance of a mobile device or an average desktop computer is more than enough to run such projects. There is no need to have a lot of RAM or video card resources here, since a special approach is used for this type of project, which we will talk about next.

We will learn how to optimize models, bake textures, export FBX correctly, master Playcanvas and as a result create a professional one that is highly valued in the architectural visualization market.

Part: 1
Part: 2
Part: 3
Part: 4
Part: 5
Part: 6
Part: 7
Part: 8