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2022-04-20, 18:19:16


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Im looking for a tutorial about loading the correct textures into the correct slots.


any idea where i can follow something straight forward?

thank you

2022-04-20, 19:14:06
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Hi, please try this:

Use Corona Physical Material

Diffuse > base color
Glossiness > go to the Advanced Options rollout in your material > set Roughness mode to "Glossiness" > then use the glossiness slot
Height > displacement texture
Normal > plug it into Corona Normal Map > plug this into Base bump
Reflection > go to the Advanced Options rollout in your material > set IOR mode to "Disney specular" > then use the Base specular slot
Roughness > Roughness
AO > this can be mixed with the base color texture

Maybe this can help you some more:
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2022-04-20, 19:27:04
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I'm not sure if one needs tutorial for that. Corona Physical material is able to take all the PBR textures directly and it has approprietly named map slots to be as straightforward as possible. Just keep in mind that sometimes you may have PBR texture set that is tailored to metalness workflow and sometimes to specular workflow, so you may need to go Corona Physical material's advanced options rollout and change roughness and/or IOR modes that suits your texture set. below is a list of typical PBR textures and their corresponding map slots.

Albedo, Diffuse, Color -> Base color
Roughness -> Base roughness
Glossiness -> Base glossiness
Metallic, Metalness -> Metalness
Normal -> CoronaNormal -> Base bump
Specular -> Base specular

AO - not needed in path tracing renderer, but can be used for various effects, like dirt, or wear and tear.
Reflection - not a PBR map. Switch to Corona legacy material if you want to use it.
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