Author Topic: Crash with TextureObjMask  (Read 1677 times)

2019-06-19, 10:46:58


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Build V4 final
3ds max 2016
Windows 10

Using TextureObjMask map with Corona IR, eventually leads to crash.

Steps to reproduce: open the scene, launch interactive rendering, try to move sphere object and/or change TextureObjMask map's parameters. It won't take long for max to crash.
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2019-06-19, 12:50:06
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Thanks for reporting the issue. I will pass it on to our dev team.



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2019-06-19, 14:58:56
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I think I have reported this long ago.
But this map is almost unusable anyway since it only accepts a few selected primitives, not arbitrary geometry, and the edge it paints is jagged for some reason.

FWIW, a similar crash occurs with the text-object version of the map.