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Hello there,

Any chance to integrate such feature directly inside Corona (+player) for the future ? It's the best compromise between realistic results and interactivity without taking the "realtime engine path".

Back in time, multithread parsing was much faster than monothread but that is no longer true. Test renders below with current corona daily and a forest object, time difference -7%

This 2016 topic concern the same problem :

With Corona 6 (7?) and the "rewriting scene parsing" (trello road map), could you take a second look to optimize 'heavy instancing' ?

I struggle with heavy scene (many Railclone and Forest Pro objects, tiles, grass, gravel, etc and large surfaces) with 2 to 5 minutes of parsing, a little frustrating to make multiple test render to check my full project with many cameras.

Ironically the "grainy" test render itself take often less time to tell me if it's ok, Corona stay very fast for pure raytracing.

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