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VR 360 panorama with VR glasses (Oculus) - 2024


Hello everybody,
my client wants to see 360 panoramas with their Oculus glasses. Which service to use?
I prefer an online service compared to a desktop app because it's just more convenient for updating.

1. theViewer
Very disappointed with their service!
Had a few technical issues (p.e. when I replaced an image in the control panel with a new one, the old one kept showing up). So I couldn't refresh the images at all, maybe deleting the whole project would work, but that's a lot fo work when you already have all the hotspots setup.
I contacted their helpdesk and till this day I got no response! Nothing.
I also asked for a refund because I had to switch to another service in the middle of the project. No answer.

Oh, also installing of the VR app didn't work.

Very happy with their service and responsiveness. Everything works great.
But can't seem to use VR glasses.
Now I found a way to use it with VR glasses.
But it seems it does not work with Oculus. Tried to configure but finally didn't manage to.
Worth trying for cardboard VR sets I think.

Seems to offer everything I need, I haven't tried it though.
But it's a desktop app which is less convenient for updating the images (more uploading, more potential technical problems).

Haven't tried it. I'm not sure they offer VR glasses support.

Their helpdesk sent me this:

--- Quote ---At this moment the supported devices on Kuula include:

Oculus (Meta) Quest, Quest 2 and Quest 3
Android phones, using a cardboard headset
Apple iPhone, using a cardboard headset
VR is not supported on desktop computers, laptops and tablets. Kuula also doesn't support VR on headsets that do not offer a VR-capable web browser such as Pico or HTC.

--- End quote ---
I would appreciate your take on this.

I'm using Kuula, but as far as I know they support only Meta glasses. I don't use VR until there are more options on the market, I don't like the privacy policy they have.
Other than that, I never had issues with Kuula.

But it would be interesting to hear what others are doing and which software they are using.

We had great experience with:

Supports tours from krPano and Pano2VR.

3DVista is pretty good. works fine, pretty reliable... Little oldfashined UI.

I also use TheViewer, but I had no issues with support or the example you give.
In fact, overall, I'm pretty satisfied about it...
I like some of their features such as
- online portal, but after you download the Vrtour to the headset you won't be needing wifi anymore (to go on location)
- floorplan
- shared experience and presenter mode, drawing,...
- use on smartphone-tablet-headset-pc
- integration on the website and sharing links
- customization

must still experience with the zdepth map for morphing between positions

If I may ask Matej, where did it go wrong for you? which internetbrowser did you use to use the portal? Is the refreshing not happening on the portal editor or the headset?
I use chrome and no issues about that for the editor. I also make a low res version first, then replace the images with the final without issues.
But I know the headset needs wifi to refresh the images


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