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Hello guys, do u have any plans to include a caustic multiplier?
I know we can multiply the channel in Post but it would be pretty useful to use it directly from the VFB.
Thanks for all your hardwork.


Can you please elaborate on how exactly you aim to use this multiplier for caustic from VFB? Is this something you only want to apply in post effects or in a pre-calculation stage of caustics? Something like Light mix? Have you tried Caustics solver settings? These are only visible when you have "Enable devel/debug mode" on in the Corona system settings.

thanks for answering Avi:

sometimes caustics are very subtle due to pool height, lighting conditions, or material setup, etc, the solution for this is to render the channel and duplicate it on Post, i made a mistake saying to use it directly from VFB, what i meant was to have a multiplier value for this porpuse, for ecxample, Vray has it in order to multiply it when u cannot see it and have it in render without a render channel in post.


Thanks for the explanation. I understand what you need.

Have you tried increasing the "Max Photon/Iteration" in the Caustic solver settings and see if it helps?

Are you interested in a multiplier for caustics intensity (making caustics brighter or fainter) or in a multiplier for the number of photons (making caustics appear with better quality faster)?


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