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Lightmix re-Generating with Pulze

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We're working in a small office with Corona, using Pulze as our render manager, and also use their Scene Manager to manage our render settings (layer visibility, etc). It is a very powerful tool to render a bunch of images in one batch.

Our problem is, we are using lightmix a lot, and sometimes we have different light setups. Scene Manager can handle it well with layer visibility, but in order to render our images, we have to regenerate every lightmix frame by frame. It would be nice if Corona would handle it by generating lightmix channels on render start, so we dont have to do that one by one. This way we would able to render in one batch, instead of manually send the renders to our farm separately.

Thank you!

I also use Pulze a lot, love it.

I use lightmix on occasion, and know that with Corona 10 we can set lightmix by layers now. So perhaps you can do it this way and use the layer toggle function in Pulze to help reach your goal?

I assume the lightmix layer of hidden layers will still render, but it will be all black, so theoretically minimizing any RAM and cpu usage?

Just an untested thought... would be interested to see how it works out for you.

There are multiple problem with it. Unfortunately, if Corona use lightmix layers, and render those, even they are black they produce a lot of RAM usage. On the other hand, scenes like I'm talking about have a great number of light layers, and it is hard to handle them. We do not want to have 30-40 lightmix layers for each cameras, when we only need 4-5 in each views. Would be nice if Corona regenerate it on render for visible layers (and I guess it is possible, since the generator use only visible lights), and it would make batch rendering process much easier (doesn't matter what scene manager you use).

I helped someone on the forum out with a similar request once.
Please check the script at the end of this thread:
Let me know if that works for you or if you need additional features.

Thank you.

I checked this script. Is it runs automatically, or should we use it every time we start to render? In the second case unfortunatelly it does not solve our problem, since it cannot work with Pulze batch process.


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