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Corona Noise Level Limit - Issue! Please help to understand.


Romas Noreika:
Hello there everyone,

I am having an issue with consistant noise level when it is set in (noise level limit).

Dont want to write here long stories, so I have recorded a video talking and showing it. Maybe you could watch it and help me understand what to change or what am I doing wrong. I dont think that I had this issue with Corona 5-6 etc. Not sure if its the adaptive system issue.

Video Link:

Hello Romas,

thank you for reporting this.

Please be aware that using the noise level limit has much more sense in animation, when you want to make sure each frame has the same noise level.

In your case, I would suggest to run a render for a few passes (10-15), check which part of the picture is the noisiest. Then, using region on that part of the image, check how many passes it needs to get a completely clean render and after that, run a "full" render (means with no regions) with the same number of passes.

You can also check the information about noise and render limits on our help center page:



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