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Corona Proxy without texture


Hi, I am working with 3D Studio Max. I have exported object to Proxy but when importing that Proxy there are no textures. What am I doing wrong?

Saving materials in proxy files is not supported. There's already several requests to make it happen, so i'm moving the topic to resolved board to avoid duplicates.

Hi, I have founded that it is possible!
When saving the proxy content the object must be one mesh or poly textured with MultisuobObject Material. When "importing" in Proxy the texture will be shown.

This is a detalied tutorial about keeping multiple materials inside Corona Proxy, it is in Romanian language but the demonstration should to be clear. Enjoy!

James Vella:
If I'm not mistaken @romullus is referring to the proxy file that doesn't contain materials.

You can certainly import a .max scene with materials because those are linked within the 3D scene itself, not the proxy.


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