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--- Quote from: Javadevil on 2021-05-21, 00:07:13 ---Will the updated material converter convert 3dsmax's Physical Material to Corona?
Models that I bring in from other Architectural apps default to that. It's such a pain to manually convert them all. Even if it just copied the bitmap paths over to the diffuse channel, I can set the rest of the settings.


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Hello Javadevil, thank you very much for your feedback. Conversion of 3ds Max's Physical Material is very high on our "what to do next list", however before adding support for another material to Corona Converter, first we want to make sure conversion of already supported materials works as expected. So currently we mostly focus on simplifying the shading networks, since this is something which troubles lots of early adopters of Corona 7. If everything goes well and we'll manage to address all the issues with currently supported materials, hopefully we would be able to start working on support for Physical Material soon :)


--- Quote from: lzanlorenzi on 2021-05-21, 15:00:59 ---hello my friends!

still the same issue with falloff map ...

corona 6 - 1 falloff map in difuse chanel - OK
corona 7 - 1 falloff map in difuse (converted) - lot of CoronaMix maps.

why? wouldn't it be easier not to convert this type of map? (falloff) or rather, create a Coronafalloff?

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Hello lzanlorenzi, thank you very much for your feedback, we're already working on changes which should result in simpler shading networks being generated.


--- Quote from: Skalpel3d on 2021-05-21, 18:34:59 ---Another issue is incorrect recognition of metal materials, non-metal in the case of vrayblend conversion turns the materials from the machine into metallic

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Hello Skalpel3d, thank you very much for your feedback. Please could you provide us the scene in question? We'd like to have a look at it.

Not the 1st time mentioned, but here is comparison of Corona 6's and Corona 7's conversion results. Corona 7 tries to keep front/back colors which is really good, but gives a mess of mix maps which (IMHO) have no sense. The tree model taken from Evermotion Archmodels 207 collection where material structure of all models is about the same.

DB 2021-05-20

Thanks for the feedback! We are aware of this issue, and one of the upcoming daily builds will include an updated converter which greatly lowers the number of nodes created in the conversion.


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