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Multilayer PSD with alpha

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Hello guys

I know I can use shadow catcher material in compositing mode and save an object directly with alpha and shadows emitting by the object. But here is the thing. I would like to save not just the flat image with alpha but all the layers like ID, reflections etc. using multilayer PSD format. THE PROBLEM IS THAT IT DOESN'T SAVE ALPHA in the background and virtual beauty layer. Am I right or am I missing something? Do I have to always save one PSD with layers and one PNG with direct alpha? I know I can save alpha layer itself by selecting it in the multi pass settings and apply it then in Photoshop forexample, but it is sooooooooo cumbersome approach. IS THERE A WAY HOW TO SAVE PSD WITH ALPHA DIRECTLY like you can do it in other render engines? I really do like using Corona but some things can drive people crazy.

Hi, can you try adding an additional alpha in the multipass? (even though it's there by default). When saving and importing into Photoshop, the alpha pass is there.


Yes I can save Alpha pass into multilayer PSD file and this option is good. As I have mentioned in the first post it would be probably more efficient if the alpha would be directly used in PSD layers (maybe in case we toggle that "save alpha, direct alpha"it in the save menu of cinema). The same when saving PNG file format.

I presume what you mean is saving the Alpha in the Channels, rather than the Layers?

When you save PNG file with alpha enabled and open it than in the Photoshop, you get the picture with alpha aplaied allready - the alpha parts (black parts) are transparent allready. When I saved PSD file with alpha rendered with Octane, it saved alpha allready applied to the layers (beauty, reflection, refraction etc.) so I didn't need to apply alpha layer myself in Photoshop. It would be nice to have this option with Corona as well after you toggle "save alpha, direct alpha" in the save menu of Cinema.


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